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Casement Windows…What You Need to Know

If you are thinking about buying casement windows for your home in Penryn, CA, you may have a lot of questions, especially if you currently have double-hung windows or another style. Here are some of the questions we hear a lot from customers to help you start making informed decisions about the windows you are considering for your home.

When should I use casement windows?
Casement windows are a crank style window that opens to the side with a hand crank. The windows swing out so they work best where there is plenty of room outside of the house. They work well anywhere you can reach them, like above a kitchen sink. They offer more ventilation since their window pane opens out and catches the air to bring it in. If you want more airflow in the house, they are a good option to consider. If there is a deck or patio nearby, you might want a different type so they don’t swing out and into the way.

Can Casement Windows open inward?
Yes, they can! Casement windows actually can swing in instead of out, though it is not a very common choice. Casement windows that open in are called inswing casement windows. They don’t offer as much airflow since the glass doesn’t catch the breeze and direct it into the house.

Are casement windows easy to repair?
If a casement window has a problem, it is often related to the crank, which can make it hard to open the window. Many casement window cranks can be repaired so you don’t have to replace the whole window. Sash and other areas can be repaired as well.

What are double casement windows?
Double casement windows are also sometimes called French casement windows. They are side-by-side casement windows that open from the center. This French style (like French doors) doesn’t have a center post so they give you an unobstructed view. They are a good option for a large, scenic view, but they also open, unlike a picture window, so you have ventilation too.

What are flush casement windows?
Flush windows have a flat appearance when the window is closed because they sit flush against the frame. Some casement windows have a lip when the window is closed, but these do not. The style works well in every type of home and is great for burglar deterrents.

Can you clean casement windows from inside?
Of course! You just crank them fully open and remove the screen. You can reach through the opening and wash the exterior portion of the window from inside.

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