The Digital Age (of Windows)

We’re in a day and age that if you don’t like how you look on whatever digital platform you post photos on; all you have to do is crack open a paint program and digitally reinvent yourself. That’s how it works, right? A little digital tweaking of your waistline, your legs or the wrinkles around your eyes and your as good as new! Wouldn’t it be great if we could do the same thing with our homes? Digitally give your furniture or home décor a makeover?

Retouching photos is easy but unfortunately real life doesn’t work that way. If the windows in your Loomis, CA home aren’t doing what they’re supposed to you can’t just paint over them. You can, however consider replacement windows. The professional team at California Craftsman will turn your digital fantasy into reality.

You asking yourself “why get replacement windows?” Great question! So pull up a chair and pay attention. There might be a test later.

The Million Dollar Question

Look, you could ignore your old windows altogether. That means the old framing and condensation and/or draft issues. Maybe you can keep the drapes drawn. Like if you can’t see the problem you won’t think about the problem. That certainly is one way of doing things.
An informed consumer knows that a replacement window upgrade gives your windows and room a re-do and at a cost that won’t break your bank.

Your Loomis, CA replacement windows take advantage of the existing space(s) in your wall and plug that space with quality vinyl framing and glass. It’s simple: get the right window and the right team of professionals behind you and the only direction you can go is up.

Now there are some homeowners who are concerned about maintaining the original look of their homes. What this translates to is that installing quality vinyl windows where there was once wood is akin to being disrespectful to your old Italian grandmother.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Vinyl windows for your Loomis, CA home are worth five minutes of your time. Vinyl framing materials fights against energy loss and not only don't require sealing or painting, but vinyl windows are much cheaper than wood. Metal windows, on the other hand, are often pulled out a hat because metal is supposed to be more contemporary but metal windows aren’t nearly as energy efficient.

No Trickeration

So leave the digital makeovers to the Divas on Instagram. We’re taking about your home’s improvement. California Craftsman offers a complete selection of the finest products and professional home improvement services to fit any sized project or budget.

California Craftsman has two convenient locations: 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602 (phone: (530) 887-1857) and 11197 Brockway Rd Spc 5, Truckee, CA 96161 (phone: (530) 582-1822). Stop by for a visit at the location nearest you, give a call or shoot us an email!

California Craftsman…we give you the real deal: quality replacement windows that compliment your taste and your budget.