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Old Window Replacement


Getting replacement windows in Rocklin, CA might seem overwhelming or even intimidating. You’ve lived with your old windows for a long time. Perhaps even decades! IT’s hard to think of getting rid of them because they’ve always been there. But when they aren’t working right any longer, it’s important to do so. There are lots of warning signs that will tell you the time has come. And when you get rid of those old windows, other things can arise that you need to be prepared for. Here are a few to consider:

Structure Damage

Depending on just how old your windows were when you finally decided to replace them, and depending on how long you waited for the project, t...

Old Windows Cost More Than Replacement Windows


While you might know that you have old windows on your house, you are reluctant to get new ones, because, well, replacement windows in Rocklin, CA are a big investment! Yes, new windows cost quite a bit, but have you ever stopped to think that your old windows might end up costing you more than new windows will? It can certainly be true. Here are a few areas in which old windows cost you, and how the new windows will save you money instead.

Energy Bills

Probably the biggest place that you will get savings when you get new windows is in the energy bill department. When you have older windows, the energy bills can be huge. And you have to pay them each and every month. Add up a year’s ...

Is Triple Pane Glass Beneficial On Replacement Windows?


In one word—yes. Triple pane replacement windows in Roseville, CA are beneficial to homeowners, and in many different ways. That doesn’t mean you have to have them, especially since they are an upgrade and they do cost more. Keep in mind that standard replacement windows come with double pane glass, which is also much better than single pane and nicer than old windows with double pane as well. But if you are thinking about certain upgrades, it’s important to consider triple pane because it’s beneficial in a variety of ways. Here are a few to consider.

Noise Reduction

If you live on a busy street, you might hear quite a bit of noise in your home. When you put triple pan...

The Details On Casement Replacement Windows


There are lots of details you will want to get into when you need to get replacement windows in Loomis, CA. And while you might know quite a bit about casement windows already, it never hurts to review the details so you can understand this style and whether or not it’s right for you.

Casement windows are those that have hinges on the side. The crank out and away from your house. Since they don’t have sashes, like a double or single hung window, they allow you an unobstructed view from top to bottom. They are easy to open and close and give you lots of ventilation. The out-swinging technique can gather fresh air and pull it into your home. They are often used in sitting rooms,...

The Unicorn OF Replacement Windows


Unicorns are majestic creatures that feel very rare. It might sound strange to think of your replacement windows in Roseville, CA, like a unicorn, but you do want them to be perfection in every way. You can find your unicorn in replacement windows by making sure certain things line up just right. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

The Windows Fit The Budget

The first thing that will make the windows feel perfect to you is the fact that they fit into your budget. You want windows that work well on your house in a variety of ways, but you also want windows you can afford. IF they are too much, they aren’t going to feel perfect anymore. No one wants to have to struggle to buy their w...

Marrying Your Replacement Windows


If you have kids in your life, there may have been a time when you said you loved something. IT could be your dinner, a certain color, an outfit, or anything else. Some kids will jump on the word ‘love’ and say something like, ‘why don’t you marry it then?’ It’s a sarcastic comment that they think is funny, right? When you get replacement windows in Loomis, CA, there are going to be so many things you love about the results that the kids might tell you to marry those windows time and time again. Getting new windows is a small bit like a marriage. You are definitely committing to something long-term. But with careful consideration, you can take all of th...

Ways To Think Of Hardware On Replacement Windows


There are a lot of details you will need to choose when you are getting replacement windows in Rocklin, CA. You will think long and hard about the frame materials, the colors, the glass pack, and many other details. One thing you might leave till the end is the hardware. Since you have already made other highly important decisions, you might just pick hardware quickly and be done with it. But the hardware on the windows is very important. Here are a few ways to think about hardware that will help you understand why you want to get just the right fit in this area as well.

Hardware Is A Safety Element

You want the hardware to look nice, of course, but first and foremost, hardware is there as ...

No Guilt Replacement Windows


Perhaps when you ate a second helping of chocolate cake the other day, you felt a little guilt over it later. There are some things you do in life that don’t make you feel the best. But when you get replacement windows in Roseville, CA, there are ways to avoid that guilty feeling. The last thing you want to do is make a big investment, only to feel bad about it later. Here are some things that will make you feel good about the choices you made instead of guilty.

You’re Helping The Environment

You recycle and you turn lights off when you leave the room to help the environment, but there are bigger things you can do, too, and you know it. One rather large thing you can do is get r...

The Gorgeous Aspects Of Replacement Windows


If you want a home that looks fresh and stylish, getting replacement windows in Auburn, CA can certainly help you with that goal. There are many gorgeous aspects about new windows that will freshen your home both right away and well into the future. Here are a few to look forward to enjoying.

The Sleek Frames

Older windows have large, clunky frames. New windows today are much smaller, thinner, more lightweight, and streamlined. They are sleek and attractive. While you want the color you’ve chosen to show on the frame (and it will), it’s also nice to know that frames are a lot smaller now than they were in the past, which also adds to their attractive nature.

The Larger Glass Spac...

Replacement Window Disappointments


Replacement windows in Truckee, CA are a large investment. Choosing between the options takes a lot of time and effort as well. Once the installation occurs, you are finally at the end of the road and you can start enjoying the new windows. The last thing you want after all that is to be disappointed in the performance of the new windows. Here are some of the ways homeowners have been disappointed in the past and ways you can avoid those feelings with your own project.

The Windows Let In Too Much Heat From The Sun

New windows, even if they are just the same style as your old windows, are going to let more light into your home. They have smaller frames and larger glass space so more light wi...

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