Replacement Windows: Past And Present


The idea of replacement windows in Truckee, CA have been around almost as long as windows themselves. We’ve always known that windows don’t last forever and once they wear out, it’s best to replace them. But there are differences between the replacement windows of the past and those we have on the market today. Here are a few to consider:

Style Choices

In the past, you would generally replace the windows you have with the same windows again. There weren’t many style options and you didn’t want to mix things up very much. Today, though, there are nearly endless style choices available. You can put a different style in the same slot, or you can make the hole larg...

Affording Replacement Windows Bit By Bit


When you know you need replacement windows in Auburn, CA, even if you know you want the efficiency and the appearance, it can still be hard to talk yourself into the process because of the money. It’s true that replacement windows are an investment, but you will want to figure out how to afford it, even bit by bit, so you can give your home what it needs. Here are a few choices to consider:

Get A Personal Loan

It’s no fun to have loans, but as an adult, there are some things you might have to do to get through certain expenses. Personal loans are ones you can take out for any reason, including home improvement. Some people use them for medical bills, others consolidate credit ca...

The Best Replacement Window Benefits


If you have old, leaky windows, you are wasting energy like crazy. Once you recognize that, you might start the process of getting replacement windows in Auburn, CA. There are many details to cover and you’ll want to get everything right to meet your goals for your home. Even if you get something standard, there are benefits you can look forward to when the new windows are installed. The list is so long it’s hard to go over it all without losing your breath. But here are some of the biggest benefits you can look forward to:

Energy Efficiency

You want your home to be safe, comfortable, and energy efficient. When you are energy efficient within the home, it’s something that ...

Are Replacement Windows The Best Answer?


As a homeowner, you have to decide what’s best for your home. That might mean cleaning it on a regular schedule and changing the furnace filter every month. You will also have to do things that will update the home as the years go by. When you need a new dishwasher, you either have to get one or talk the kids into doing it for you. You also get to decide when replacement windows in Truckee, CA are the best answer for your home. Here are a few times when they might very well be the best answer.

When You Are Leaking Air Like Crazy

How do you know when your windows are leaking air? When you can feel the drafts in the room. When you put your hand against the window and you feel the air comi...

Which Replacement Window Goes First?


Once you’ve chosen to get replacement windows in Truckee, CA, you might want more details about the installation process. The installers will likely give you a list of things you might want to do before they arrive so your home is prepared, and they can get to work right away. But you might have more questions about the process, either out of curiosity or because you need to know in order to prepare better. Which windows will go in first, for example? You might want to know so you can prepare another room for yourself to work in while those windows go in. Or you might want to get that room ready for the installers and then work on other rooms once they arrive. 

There are no hard and...

When The Chills Flow Through Get Replacement Windows


When the winter months hit, you might feel really lucky to live in California. Watch the weather channel and you’ll hear about other places in the country getting huge dumps of snow and bitterly cold blasts. Where you live? It can be chilly and mildly uncomfortable, but that’s about it. However, you should only have to combat those elements when you go outside—not when you’re in your house. If you’ve noticed that you’re getting the chills, and you don’t feel a fever coming on, you might just need replacement windows in Auburn, CA. Here are a few ways to tell that might just be you. 

Your Hand Tells You 

Hands are good for a lot of things on a daily...

Let Replacement Windows End It All


When you think of getting replacement windows in Truckee, CA, you may turn to the beginning of a lot of new things. But at the same time, there are going to be things that end—and that’s a very good thing. Your new windows are going to do a lot for your house. They’re going to be the start. But they’re also going to end things you didn’t enjoy before. Here are a few things you can say goodbye to for good when you put in new windows. 

Huge Energy Bills 

Energy prices are on the rise and there’s not much you can do about that. But you can combat the bottom line on your energy bills by getting new windows. When you have new windows in place, you can get rid...

The Timing Is Everything For Replacement Windows

They say that timing is everything and it can really be true in certain cases. If you weren’t in that coffee shop at the right time, you may not have met your spouse. If you hadn’t sent your resume in just before the deadline, the hiring person might not have noticed you. And so on. When you need replacement windows in Auburn, CA, there are going to be timing issues as well. You want everything to line up as well as you can to get it just right. Here are a few timing things you will want to think through as you move forward with the project. 


Your Current Window’s Failure 

If your current windows are starting to go bad, you are going to want to get new windows as soon as...

The Elephant In The Room

Have you ever heard someone refer to ‘the elephant in the room’? It doesn’t mean an animal has escaped from the zoo and entered your house. No, it means that everyone is thinking about or looking at something in particular, but no one is talking about it, for whatever reason. When someone ‘addresses the elephant in the room,’ they don’t make elephant noises. They simply bring up the issue everyone else is already thinking about. So, what’s the elephant in your house? It could very well be your need for replacement windows in Auburn, CA.


Everyone’s Discomfort

If your windows are old enough, they likely aren’t keeping the people in your h...

Replacement Windows As A Last Resort

We get it! Replacement windows in Auburn, CA are a large investment for a homeowner to make. While you might not want to put the time and effort into searching through the options to find the right fit, sometimes it’s what you have to do. If you are having trouble with your current windows, in whatever way trouble might arise, think about replacement windows—at least as the last resort. Here are a few other options you might try before you get that far.


New Caulking Or Weather Stripping

If your old windows are leaking air like crazy, something you can do to at least slow down the flow for now is to take the caulk off the frames and put new caulk in its place. If the old caulk i...

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