The Energy Efficiency in Replacement Windows

By increasing the energy efficiency in your Loomis, CA home, you are doing a lot of different things. First, you are reducing your energy use and, therefore, your utility bills. But you are also doing a good thing for the planet by reducing your carbon footprint on the environment. There are plenty of ways that you can increase the energy efficiency in your home and replacing old windows is one popular idea. When it comes time to get a certain style of replacement windows, you might wonder about casement windows. Are they energy efficient?

Energy Efficiency and Casement Windows
When it comes to replacement windows, almost anything you get will likely be more energy efficient than what you have now. If you go with vinyl, you are making a smart, energy efficient decision. If you choose casement replacement windows, that is another smart decision because they are the most energy efficient window style on the market. Casement windows are designed for efficiency because they have a strong seal on all four sides. When they are closed, the sash presses tightly against the frame. When the wind blows, it actually pushes the window against the frame even harder. Other window types slide along a track and can leak if they are pressed hard enough from the outside. When a window doesn’t seal correctly, cold air in the winter can leak in and heated air can get out. Casement windows are a great option if you are considering energy efficiency.

Choosing Window Options
There are plenty of other things you will need to consider outside of material and style when you are looking for energy efficient replacement windows. You might want to get low-e glass, for example, which is a special coating that bounces the sun’s UV rays away to reduce the solar heat gain in the house. This coating will also reflect heat back into your home in the winter. You can think about argon gas infills as well in order to increase the insulation between your window panes and reduce the amount of hot or cold air that passes through the glass. You will, of course, always want to look for that Energy Star label to indicate the replacement windows that are designed to use the best practices in your area with the most energy efficient materials.

Make Decisions Wisely
When you get replacement windows in Loomis, CA, they are something you will be living with for many years in your home. You want every detail to be just right. Contact California Craftsman at 530-887-1857 for a free consultation. We can also come to your home for an in-home estimate to take a look at your specific situation and give you professional advice on the hurdles you face. Energy efficiency is very important when it comes to replacement windows and we can help you incorporate the big factors to get just what you need. Come visit our showroom at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602!