Indoor Air Pollutants To Combat With Replacement Windows


There are lots of things floating around your house, whether you want to think about it or not. You want the air inside your house to be as clean and fresh as possible and you might need replacement windows in Rocklin, CA to help you with that job. There could be a lot of different pollutants in your home. Here are a few possible options that you may or may not know about.


Mold is one of the most dangerous pollutants you could have in your home and you definitely want to get rid of it whenever you find it. There could be mold in your home, perhaps around your windows or in the walls, because of leaky windows. You are going to want to fix that leak or get replacement windows so once you clean the mold up, it won’t grow there again. Mold can be toxic and dangerous and you certainly don’t want your family breathing it in regularly.

Wood Smoke

If you have a wood burning fireplace, there could be smoke in the house from using that device. While the fire can feel good, you need to have the flue on the fireplace open and the chimney clean so the smoke has a direction to go other than inside your home. If you do get smoke inside your house, use the windows to ventilate the space. You want to be sure you have operating windows in that room, just in case. That might mean replacement windows are in order.

Pet Dander

If you have any pets in your house, there is likely pet hair flying around, even if you brush them well and try to keep up with baths and grooming. Their dander can be an irritant, even if it doesn’t bother you, it could bother guests or other family members. Clean the home regularly, make sure the air vents are cleaned out every now and then, and ventilate the home so you can get fresh air coming through.


Dust is something that can build up in any home and while you might do your best to keep it off surfaces where it shows, it is still in the air. One of the best things for this pollutant is getting fresh air in from outside. Open the windows and let the fresh air flow. If your windows are stuck shut, new windows are a good idea.


If someone in your house comes home with a cold, they sneeze once and those virus germs are automatically going to be floating around in the air. You can turn on the fans to circulate the air, spray some Lysol, and open windows to let in fresh air.


Fresh air can do a lot for the pollutants that might be floating around your home and you can get the right ventilation going when you get replacement windows in Rocklin, CA. Talk to the professionals at California Craftsman about proper ventilation and see how new windows can help.