Getting Replacement Windows Before Summer Guests Arrive


Since you live in a nice area of the country, it’s not surprising to you when family members and friends want to come visit you in the summertime over their vacation breaks. Sure, they love seeing you, but it’s often just as much about being in that nice location as it is seeing someone they care about. You might want to consider getting replacement windows in Rocklin, CA before the summer months, just because you know you are going to have visitors and the project could get in the way. Here are some of the things to put behind you before guests arrive.

Get The Dust Out Of The Way

Getting replacement windows will bring a lot of benefits to your home, but it’s also a rather messy project. Before guests come, you can get the demo part of replacement windows out of the way and the new windows installed. That way, you have time to dust everything off. It’s nice to clean before guests arrive anyway and this way, you won’t have to worry about having the noise and dust flying during installation while they are there. Plus, everything will be freshly cleaned.

Ensure Their Comfort

You want your guests to be comfortable while they are there and that can be a hard battle to win when you have old windows leaking air. You don’t want them to have a drafty room that is way too hot. They should be cool and comfortable overnight and any time they are inside your house. You can achieve that for your guests, and also the rest of your family members, when you have replacement windows installed to get away from those old, leaky windows.

Take The Worry Off You So You Can Enjoy Them

Getting new windows isn’t something you are going to worry about night and day, but it is a large project and you are going to want to think about all of the details so you can ensure you will get everything just right. When you have the window replacement done before the summer and before the guests arrive, you no longer have the project on your mind. You can just enjoy your guests and the time you have with them.

Save Money For Other Adventures

When you get new windows, it’s no secret that you are going to have lower energy bills. Since you have less money to spend on the monthly budget, you’ll have more money to go on adventures with your guests when they want to try certain restaurants or enjoy certain attractions. You can afford to go along with them.


When you are considering replacement windows in Rocklin, CA, it’s tempting to put the process off till the summer months. But if you always have guests throughout the summer, getting it done before can be to your advantage. Contact the professionals at California Craftsman for a free consultation and we’ll help you with the process to ensure you and your guests enjoy your time together.