The Best Time For Replacement Windows


When you start thinking about your home needing replacement windows in Loomis, CA, you are able to choose what time of the year you want to have that project done. Of course, the best time to get replacement windows is whenever your home really needs it, regardless of the season. But there are prime months that can make it easier for you to get the windows you need quickly and at an affordable price.

Some people think that getting windows during the spring or summer is best because of the weather. While that’s a valid option, it is the busiest time of the year for window companies. You won’t necessarily have your choice of day for the installation. Instead, you might simply have to take whatever you can get, whether it’s convenient or not. You might also have to wait a little longer on the installation process based on the openings the installers have. Plus, getting windows installed in the summer means the hot weather has already arrived and you want to have efficient windows in place as soon as possible to combat that heat and keep it out of your home.

Many homeowners think winter should be ruled out at a time to install new windows, but in this area of the country, winter isn’t nearly as bad as it is in other regions. Companies are less busy during the winter, so you are able to get the installation around a more flexible schedule and what works for you. You might also be able to catch incentives and sales that window companies offer to get more business during the slow months. Plus, when you install windows early in the winter, you get their benefits and energy savings for the rest of the season and for the upcoming fall and summer.

There really isn’t a right or wrong season to install new windows. You need to get them when your home needs them, no matter what time of the year that might be. But if you are thinking that your home is close to being in dire need of new windows, and the winter is approaching, don’t blanch at the idea of getting new windows during this time. In fact, it’s actually a very good time to get windows for many reasons, especially in California when the temperatures really aren’t that bad in comparison to the Midwest, the north, and other areas of the country.


When you are ready to start looking into replacement windows in Loomis, CA, it’s important to get all of the details lined up just right. The professionals at California Craftsman are here to help you do that, whether you are dealing with the upcoming winter months, the spring, summer, or any other season. We want you to get what your home needs, when your home needs it. We’re here to offer you free consultations so you can get the right information to make decisions that you are confident with moving forward. Give us a call and let’s get started.