A Home Without Windows?

It’s just not fathomable that a Roseville, CA home would not have windows! The two go together like breakfast and orange juice! But if you’re going to upgrade the old weather-worn windows in your home, you want to take advantage of the advances in window technology.

In the old days, a “typical” window meant a wood frame and single-pane glass. Not any more! Homeowners now find the best windows packed full of cutting-edge features that serve the home and its occupants better than ever before.

Installing new or replacement windows remains a significant investment, but most homeowners confuse enhanced energy efficiency and improved aesthetics with what should be more tangible reasons for installing new windows.

Time After Time

In order for your windows to survive the passage of time (in other words, style and maintenance that stand up year after year), new windows require a little tender loving care. Just how much depends on the type of window, which often depends on the frame’s material.

Older windows often need a lot of attention. Their wood frames should be refinished every three to five years to ward off rot and mold. Tired of all the hassle, many homeowners insist on replacement windows that demand little in the way of ongoing maintenance. Aluminum windows are popular for precisely that reason. Aluminum, however, is highly conductive and, as a result, doesn’t insulate very well.

The truth is, only vinyl windows offer both the insulating capacity of wood and the easy-care virtues of aluminum. In fact, vinyl windows rarely need more than mere cleaning. Of course, cleaning a window can be a pain, as you well know if you’ve ever climbed a ladder to reach the glazing on an upper story. Fortunately, new windows feature tilt-in sashes, which provide easy access to the exterior glass. Cleaning is finally a breeze.

Common Sense Upgrade

Savvy homeowners know that upgrading to new windows in Roseville, CA is a major home improvement and investment. But don’t get scared away by dollar signs. Anyone who has ever bought or sold a home is aware of the cost of home improvements. When it comes to curb appeal, it’s common for prospective buyers to walk away from homes whose windows would require replacement sooner rather than later.

A new window upgrade adds considerable value to your home in addition to refining its appearance. You may not be looking at selling your home any time soon, maybe not ever, but it’s always nice to extend the shelf life of your property.

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