Any Changes You Want With Window Replacement?


Getting replacement windows in Roseville, CA can be a lot of fun. Not only do you get to upgrade the energy efficiency in your home and pay less on energy bills, but you can also make any other changes you want while you’re at it. As you look through the options, consider some of these possible changes that might work well for your home.

A Different Window Material

What window material do you have right now and how’s it working for you? If you have wood windows, you might be fed up with all the maintenance and work they take in upkeep over the years. While you don’t have to worry about maintenance right away when you get new windows, the paint is still going to peel and need to be replaced eventually. Instead, you could get vinyl windows and help yourself to more weekend free time since you don’t have any maintenance to do—ever.

A New Color

If the color you have on your home now works, great, but you might want to consider mixing things up with a different color so you can get something new and fresh to highlight something different on your house. White is always a fresh color, but if you already have that, consider contrasting your home with black. You could also match your home’s current color with the same thing to give is a streamlined look.

A Change In Style

Think about the style you have on your windows and what might work better function-wise. If double hung windows don’t bring in enough fresh air, consider casement windows. If you feel like casement windows swing out and get in the way of a path, consider a double hung there. That can help you get the functions you want in the right locations. It’s okay to mix styles around the house based on what you want for functionality.

Unique Hardware

There are probably more choices in hardware than anything else on a new window. When you want your windows to stand out as something special, the hardware can be the finishing touch that makes that happen. You could get something that looks good with your door knobs and cabinet pulls or something that sets off the style of the windows.


You get to make the decisions on your replacement windows in Roseville, CA with no pressure from the professionals. While California Craftsman experts are here to give you advice and recommendations as needed, we won’t make decisions for you. That’s all up to you and we’re here to support what you decide. We want you to be happy with the end results, whatever that may end up being. Let’s start with a free consultation and we can go from there. There are no obligations and no pressure to move forward on any certain timeline. You’re free to figure out the details on your own or come back with more questions when you are ready. Just remember, changes are possible as you move ahead.