Are Black Replacement Windows Possible?


When vinyl replacement windows in Rocklin, CA first came on the market, they were available in white and that was the only option you could get. However, even though vinyl materials were only used in windows starting in the 1970s, they have come a long way in recent decades. Not only they stronger and more efficient than ever before, but they are also highly popular. Since they gained popularity so fast, the manufacturers wanted to give homeowners options. That means color differences, among other things. Black windows are possible in almost any material. If that’s what you want, you can have it.

Black Windows Are Possible With Wood

Wood windows can be any color you want them to be and that’s the way it’s always been. You can paint them any color you can imagine, even black. If you want to have black window frames and you decide upon wood, you can have them painted that color. One nice thing about wood is that you can change the coloring in the future to another shade, if you so desire. However, once you see that black frame contrasting on your house, you likely won’t want to change it.

Black Windows Are Possible With Vinyl

White is the most popular color for vinyl window frames and it probably always will be. White gives off a clean, streamlined look and it goes with absolutely any home color. You can place it with your home now and then in the future, when you want to paint the siding, you can choose any color and it will still look good with the white. But black is another option you can also get with vinyl windows. You can’t paint the windows so you want to be sure it’s a good option. Black will go with any light color for your home. If you have a white house now, black will really stand out. If you paint the home yellow later, black will still look great. Light colors will give you that contrast and the style will last.

Black Windows Are Possible With Fiberglass

Fiberglass, like vinyl, is another material that gives you permanency in its color. If you decide on black, that’s what you have on your home for the duration of the window’s lifetime. And the windows will last for decades and look good while giving you the efficiency you want.

Black Windows Are Highly Popular

There are certain colors that come and go, but when you go with black windows, you have a classic. They are popular now, but they are going to keep their style in place. You don’t have to worry about the black going out of style. It’ll hold steady in the trends and give you that nice contrast that you wanted in the first place for the long haul.


When you are looking into replacement windows in Rocklin, CA, consider black frames, no matter what material you get for those frames. They might be just what you are looking for to get the right style.