Are Replacement Windows Important Every Season of the Year?

When you live in Loomis, CA, you enjoy warmer summers and mild winters. When it comes to the insulation and even the windows on your home, you desperately need them in the summer to keep out those hot summer temperatures. But since the winters are mild and the other seasons are lovely, do you really need to worry about your windows during those times of the year? It doesn’t really matter what season you’re thinking about…replacement windows can help your energy bills. In fact, they’re just as important during the slightly chilly winter as they are in the hot and humid summer.

Think about your home in the winter. How do you get your heat? If you have a fireplace, it’s possible you run that on a chilly evening and your heater doesn’t have to work as hard because of it. But do you really want the heat of the fireplace to go out the window, causing your heater to run even when you don’t really need it?

And during the summer months, all you have is your air conditioning and your fans to keep you cool. Those take a huge toll on your energy bills when they start to work overtime to keep your home at a good temperature.

All year long, you have to run some sort of heating or cooling system to keep your home at the right temperature. Even when it’s nice outside, you might have the fan on to circulate the air in the home when the sun beats in. Whatever the season is, you’re using energy. And if you have older windows, you’re wasting a lot of energy that you could be using instead.

Older windows often have cracks and gaps and they can even be warped, which lets a lot of air in and out. Even if your home is at a steady temperature, it’s possible you aren’t comfortable because you can feel that hot or cold air coming inside from outside. And if you can feel air coming that way, you know it goes the other way too. Your heating and air conditioning is working a lot harder than it has to. That shortens its life and you’d better believe you’re paying for all that wasted air.

So while you may not be as worried about your energy use in the spring and fall as you are in the winter and summer in Loomis, CA, you can save energy and money all year long with the best quality replacement windows in Loomis, CA. If you have old, inefficient windows, look into replacing them now, no matter what season the calendar says it is. Contact California Craftsman at (530) 887-1857 for a free consultation. We’ll take a look at your situation and let you know if we recommend replacement windows for your home or not. It’s possible you just need some simple repairs to hold on to your efficiency. Stop by and see our showroom for options at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602.