Common Window Issues


You don’t want to have any issues at all with your windows, but every house is going to eventually need replacement windows in Rocklin, CA. As your windows age, they will likely start to have problems and fail in some way or another. These are some of the most common ways that windows fail over their years of use.

Lack Of Maintenance Causes Moisture Damage

If you have wood windows, they take a lot of maintenance. You are going to have to make sure they are painted and sealed regularly and if you don’t, the moisture that the elements through at the windows is going to start to cause damage. The windows might rot or warp and you’ll start to notice big air leaks inside. Lack of maintenance is a huge deal on a wood window and it can cause all sorts of things to go wrong before the windows are really due to be replaced.

General Wear And Tear

Windows last for a long time today—decades, even—but they aren’t meant to last forever. Even top of the line windows are going to start to show their age after a few decades of use. Windows are the first line of defense against the elements and they insulate your home nicely. As the elements work their magic, the windows will start to age and show wear and tear. You can maintain them well and get a longer lifespan from them, but eventually, they will simply need replacement, just like any other product.

Insect And Rodent Damage

Insects love wood and there are rodents that might enjoy chewing on it as well. You might see that insects are burrowing into the windows and creating gaps between the windows and your home. You might notice evidence of that inside as well as the insects take over a certain area of your house. You don’t want them inside and if they are damaging the window, repair it or replace it, depending on how far gone it might be.

Condensation On Either Side Of The Glass

Condensation on the glass, either inside or out, is common. It simply means that one side of the glass is a different temperature and more humid. If you have condensation inside the glass, you need to lower the humidity in your home. If, however, you see condensation building up between the panes of glass, the seal on the window is broken and the only thing you can do to fix that issue is replace it.


It’s hard to know what issues you will face with your windows as the years go by, but if something pops up and you feel like you might need replacement windows in Rocklin, CA, the professionals at California Craftsman can come to your house and offer you a free consultation and assessment. We’ll take a look at your windows and offer our expert advice as to whether or not they need to be replaced at this time. If the answer is yes, we can help you through the project.