Customizing Vinyl Windows

When you are looking into new windows for your home, you know it’s important to hire a high quality window company to get a professional installation job. You also know you want windows that are energy efficient and can serve the needs within your home. Once you find those things, you might consider customizing your new vinyl windows. When you choose wood windows, they are easy to customize because you can paint and stain them any time you want. Vinyl windows can be custom windows as well, but the customizing has to be up front, before the windows are installed. Here are a few questions you might want to ask about custom windows when you are getting vinyl windows in Rocklin, CA.

Do you offer fade resistant color?
When it comes to vinyl windows, you have probably heard rumors that they fade in the sun over time. While that is true at some level, they aren’t nearly as bad now as they were in the past. New technology allows you to get custom windows in many different colors. And you can expect those colors to stand up against the hot California sun for many, many years.

Can you replace unique shapes with custom windows?
Vinyl windows, in your mind, might be rectangular and that’s that. But there are plenty of other options on the market when it comes to custom windows. In fact, you can get any shape and size you desire in vinyl windows. When you are replacing windows, now is the time to get creative. If there’s a window you want to make bigger or more unique in shape, throw the option our way and we’ll take a look at the details.

What colors are offered?
Colors are very important to the overall look and feel of vinyl windows. In the past, vinyl windows pretty much came in white, but that’s not the case any longer. Many homeowners choose white, but some also go with custom windows in other colors. And, on the inside, vinyl windows can be covered in wood, trim, or left in the custom color you choose.

What are the hardware options?
Hardware is like jewelry for a window. Sure, it keeps you safe when you lock the window, but it also gives the window a finishing, stylish touch. When you are looking at a custom vinyl option, there should be plenty of hardware pieces from which to choose. You might want something like bright brass that shines and stands out, or you might want an antique look or even a satin nickel appeal to blend in a bit more.

Custom windows take more thought than everyday vinyl windows, but the overall result is something you won’t be sorry about after the installation is complete. Taking time in choosing quality windows that have all of the details that you want incorporated can make your home comfortable and beautiful all at once. Call California Craftsman at (530) 887-1857 to get started on your custom vinyl windows. You can also stop by and see us at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602.