DIY Window Installation Dangers


When you get replacement windows in Loomis, CA, there are some things you can save money on and other things you really should not. Yes, replacement windows are an investment. But when you decide you need them, going the DIY route with the installation in order to save money is not a good idea. There are lots of dangers that can arise from trying to install windows yourself. You want certain results and the only way you can get them are through professional installation. Here are some of the dangers that DIY installation can bring with it.

Measurements Might Not Be Right

If you measure your own windows, order them, and then try to install them, there’s really no guarantee that the windows are going to fit the slots you have to fill. Window professionals have a certain way of measuring and you may not know what that is. If you measure wrong and get windows, then try to install them, it's on you. You have to get new windows and there’s no guarantee that you are going to get your money back on the first set of windows. When you are going to have professionals install the windows, they will insist that they measure your windows for you so they can guarantee that you are going to get the right size.

Installation May Not Be Proper

Have you installed windows before? Whether or not you have, if it’s not your specialty and your expertise, it’s important to have professionals install the windows for you. If you don’t install the windows just so, in a proper manner, it’s quite possible that you will have issues with them. They might not give you the efficiency you need or they might not look quite right. When you install windows yourself and something like that goes wrong, that’s also going to be on you. You might have to pay professionals to fix what you have done wrong.

You Might Damage The Windows

When you buy new windows, you want them to be brand new. And they are. But if you install them poorly and do something wrong, you might damage them in the process. You have brand new windows that are already damaged and that’s just now what you want for your home. Professionals know what to do so they won’t damage anything and if they do, they will pay to have it replaced.

You Might Harm Yourself

Windows are large and heavy and if you install them yourself, who knows what could happen. You might injure yourself or someone else who is helping you might get hurt. It’s better to let professionals who are less likely to get injured do the work since they know what to do. If they are hurt, their company should have insurance to cover those ailments. Check to be sure that is the case before you let the installers in.


When you are getting replacement windows in Loomis, CA, it’s important to go all the way with the project and let professional installers from California Craftsman finish the job.