Do I Need Replacement Windows or New Windows?


Especially in the spring, the to-do list for a homeowner might seem like it goes on forever. The standard approach involves installing new windows, which is a task that homeowners hate since it is expensive, difficult, and requires a lot of time. Good news for those of you who are trapped in a rut of studying replacement windows in Loomis, CA but then putting off making a choice on whether or not to actually get them! Keep reading to find out five reasons why you should reject this project since it is so unpopular, and then keep reading to find out an intelligent and simple alternative that makes it all doable.

Window replacement is an expensive endeavor

When examining new windows, homeowners often do extensive comparison shopping, only to reach the same price point: Typically, quality replacement windows begin at $1,000 per unit, completely installed. Replacement windows made of wood cost $71 to $109 per square foot, while vinyl costs $65 to $87 per square foot. Consider that if you want to maintain your house well-insulated, replacing just a few windows is ineffective; you must replace all of them. Imagine the cost escalation when you know how many windows your home has!

Installation is a difficult process

There's no getting around it: Getting new windows is always a noisy process. If you choose a busy time, you may have to collaborate with other people's plans or wait for a long time. When the date finally comes, the homeowner has to do a lot of work to get ready, even before the installers arrive. You need to take down any curtains or blinds and move any furniture or wall art that the workers could damage. If you own a home surveillance system, you need to call the company to turn it off and remove the cameras from your windows. Then, when everything is ready, a crew comes to rip out the old windows, one room at a time, leaving your home open to the weather and making a mess.


They're not like they used to be

It is true that energy-efficient new replacement windows in Loomis, CA are being developed, but installing them may demand you to make a sacrifice and get rid of the old ones. Let's imagine you possess a historic house with original windows constructed of old-growth wood and handcrafted wavy glass with a single pane. Original windows often come from trees that are between 200 and 300 years old, which may be determined by the closeness of the wood grain. When properly maintained, the windows crafted from this kind of wood have the potential to endure forever due to their high density and resistance to rot. In circumstances such as this one, removing antique windows might severely spoil the aesthetic that you like, which would also be detrimental to the value of your property.