Do Replacement Windows Need Low-E Coatings In Penryn, CA?


Penryn, CA replacement windows come with a number of benefits for any home. They’ll look great and give your home a higher curb appeal. They’ll insulate your home and cause your HVAC to work less. They have technology included on them that will reduce your energy uses all over the house. But if you’re really worried about energy efficiency, you might want to consider low-e coatings on the glass of your new windows.

Replacement Windows and Energy Efficiency

The quality of the windows and doors you have on your home play a huge role in the overall energy efficiency of the house. Your home is mostly solid walls, right? But the windows and doors are breaks in those walls and old materials can become drafty and let the outdoor temperature into the home. Your heater and air conditioner then have to turn on more often to manage your temperature level. When you look into replacement windows, consider efficiency as a top priority. Vinyl windows are often the best option because of their affordable, yet effective qualities. They insulate the home and reduce thermal transfers. If you want energy efficiency, consider important energy efficient features like multiple panes of glass and low-e coatings. The smallest upgrades can go a long way.

Is The Low-E Coating Worth The Cost?

Like with any window upgrade, low-e coatings on the glass are going to cost you more money. But when the weather is warm, as it often is in California, the sun will shine in and bring all of its UV rays with it. Not only will this make certain rooms too warm, but the rays can fade your flooring, furniture, and other items. Low-E coatings are a great idea to reduce UV rays. The coating is common in the window world right now because of its benefits. The thin coating is applied right to the glass and doesn’t show. The layer, however, reflects the UV rays back out to the source. It will reflect heat away from your home in the summer and into your home in the winter. It goes both ways in its benefits. Plus, you still have natural light in your house as the coating only blocks the damaging, hot UV rays.

If you are ready for Penryn, CA replacement windows, it is worth your time and effort to consider low-E coatings for the glass. This feature offers you long-term energy efficient benefits that can lower your bills even further. If you’d like to talk about this option or any other, contact the professionals at California Craftsman by calling (530) 887-1857 with your questions. You might be better off setting up a free consultation so you can gather your thoughts, get details, and ask anything you want to know in person. You can also stop by and see us at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602 where our showroom has plenty of samples for you to explore/