Do You Need Replacement Windows Prior To Winter?


If you are thinking that your home might need replacement windows in Roseville, CA, you might consider going forward with the process before the winter months hit. While it’s colder in the winter and less comfortable to get windows replaced during that timeframe, there are other reasons to move forward with the new windows as soon as possible. Here are a few to consider.

Insects Are Taking Over

No one wants pests in their home. The kids are noisy enough, right? If you have ants parading around or other insects that have found a way in, you might want to figure out what’s going on. As the weather cools down, some of these bugs will only be able to survive in the warmth of a home and they might take the cooler temps as an invitation to move into your home. You certainly don’t want that. Replacement windows might help you to keep those pests at bay. Have the professionals inspect your windows for insect infestations and if they find entry points, fix them or get replacement windows before the winter settles in.

Drafts Are Uncomfortable

Drafts are annoying in the summer when they’re hot, but in the winter, when you feel that chilly air run across your neck, it can be downright uncomfortable and a half. Drafts are not only uncomfortable, but they can also bring your energy efficiency down. You know with that air getting in, the HVAC has to work harder to try and keep up with the temperature you want. And where air gets in, air gets out. You don’t want to heat the whole neighborhood. You only want to make your house warm. You can do that with new windows installed before the winter months.

Water Is Causing Damage

If you have water leaks around your windows, that’s never a good thing. It means the windows are damaged in some way and it’s important to address it. Not only can water leave damage on the walls, windowsills, floors, and other areas, but dampness can often grow mold and that’s never a good thing in any home. When you see water damage, find the cause and if it’s the windows, replace them before the winter months hit.

Safety Is An Issue

Windows should open and close well. That’s a safety thing. You want to feel secure in your home and if you can’t open the windows when there is an emergency, that’s a big deal. Older windows can also often be breached from the outside, which is another safety issue. Shore up your home before the winter with replacements.


As the homeowner, you are going to be able to choose when you get replacement windows in Roseville, CA and when you want to wait longer to move forward with the project. If you aren’t sure yet what you want to do, contact the experts at California Craftsman and we can assess your windows and let you know what is needed to get the results you want for the project.