Easy Questions For Window Contractors


There are certain things that you might ask contractors who install replacement windows in Roseville, CA that take them a minute to answer or to find out the answers for you. But there are other things that should be easy for them to answer, though it’s still important that you ask. Here are a few things you will want to ask that the contractors should have easy answers for. If they don’t, keep looking for other help.

Are You Fully Insured?

This answer should be easy and it should be yes. Not only should the answer be yes, but you should be able to see proof of that answer with ease. The contractor should want you to know that if anything happens on your property, both you and they are covered. You aren’t liable if someone gets hurt. It’s on their insurance and they’ll cover you and their employee.

Are You Licensed?

Contractors need to have proper licensing so this should also be an easy yes. Not only should they be able to say yes, but they should be able to provide you with the paperwork as proof. Don’t feel bad about asking. This is in your best interest and if they have nothing to hide, it won’t bother them that you are trying to protect your interests.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

You want window replacement professionals who have a lot of experience behind them. They should tell you how long their company has been in business and how long they individually have worked in the industry. You can ask what kind of training they had and, hopefully, hear that they were manufacturer trained and that they have on-going training when window changes arise that they need to know about.

What Homes Have You Worked On?

Contractors should have a list of references that you can call to check up on how they did their job with those homes. They might also have a list of homes that you can drive by to see different types of windows that they have installed. That can help you not only decide if you want to use them, but it can also aid in helping you to make decisions between styles and colors. It should be easy for them to hand over a list of people who have appreciated their work in the past.


These are some of the easy questions you will ask the window companies when you start to look into replacement windows in Roseville, CA. Just because they are easy doesn’t mean you should make assumptions and move forward without asking them. They don’t take much time to ask and any contractor should be able to answer quickly and simply. Then, you can feel good about moving on with that company and trusting your house to their care and expertise. When you are ready to move ahead, contact the professionals at California Craftsman, ask whatever you want, and set up a free consultation to start the process on the right foot.