Efficiency In Replacement Windows


Most homeowners have their reasons for getting replacement windows in Auburn, CA, but many of those reasons line up to the same thing: efficiency. Sure, some want windows for more lighting, better aesthetics, and good functions, but they probably also want efficiency. The good news is that even standard replacement windows will give you more efficiency than what you have on older windows now. However, there are lots of upgrades you could put into the project that will save you even more on your energy bills and give you even higher levels of efficiency. If your budget allows it, you may want to consider some of these upgrades:

Low-E Glass

Glass has come a long way in recent years and if you only get one upgrade, this might be the one to choose in California, depending on how your house is situated in relation to the sun. Since glass panes are larger now, they let in more light, which is nice, but they also let in mire heat from the sun. When you get low-E coatings on the glass, that heat is stopped in its tracks. These metallic coatings are invisible so you can still get the natural light and view you want, but you also don’t have to worry about heat or UV rays, which can lead to fading in your home. It’s nice to have comfort, light, and efficiency all at once.

Triple Pane Glass

Some older windows only have single pane glass, which really does nothing for your efficiency. Standard windows today have at least double pane glass, which is a huge upgrade from single. But if you want to take things a step further, you can get triple pane glass. Triple pane glass adds a pane of glass, but it also adds a space between those panes, which can further your efficiency. These windows are known for cutting back on noise as well. If you live on a busy street or have noisy neighbors, triple pane glass will reduce what you hear on the inside of your home.

Inert Gas Fillings

Double pane glass, or even triple pane, generally comes with air fillings between the panes. That helps to insulate your home, but if you want even more insulation, you can get an inert gas filling. Inert gas, like argon and krypton, is denser than air so it gives the home even better insulation. It costs more, but it saves you more on energy bills as well.

Getting the best in efficiency is important to most homeowners. Even standard replacement windows in Auburn, CA are a great way to go if you have old windows that are inefficient now. But if you have it in your budget, you might want to consider some of these upgrades to get the height of efficiency for your home. Talk over the details with window professionals at California Craftsman by calling (530) 887-1857 with your questions or for a free consultation. You can also visit with us in our showroom at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602.