Fall Energy Saving Ideas


No one really wants to waste energy and instead of letting energy go by, paying for it, and not really even getting to use it, it’s important to save energy. Pay for only what you are going to use and it’s going to likely be a lot less overall. When you consider what you can do to save energy this fall, replacement windows in Roseville, CA are certainly an option. There are smaller things you can do as well that will also make a big difference in your energy savings plan. Here are some of the things you might consider doing.

Clean Out Air Ducts

The air ducts in your home aren’t things that you think about very often. But imagine the air in your house, along with the dust, pet hair, and other things that might float around, running through those ducts. Those items can get stuck and built up in there and that can make the HVAC work harder to push air through to the home. Clean out the ducts and you will not only get fresher air in your home, but you will also have better energy efficiency.

Air Filters Need Changing

Air filters are something you change out in your car when they get dirty. The mechanic will do that much for you. But in your home, changing out the air filters is something you have to remember to do on your own. Changing those filters gives the HVAC something clean and fresh to push air through. When those filters get dirty, it’s harder to push air through and that can take your home’s efficiency down. Check with your local provider and see how often you need to change the filters. Or, just take a look at them once a month and change them out when they look dirty.

Sunlight Warms

If you don’t want to have to deal with turning the heat on when a few chilly days hit, you can fight that need by opening your window shades and letting as much natural light in as possible. When you have sunlight warming the home, you might not need the heat as soon as you would otherwise. Even if you have to turn the heat on, it might not run as much if you use the sun as more heating during the fall months.

Get New, Efficient Windows

One of the bigger projects you can take on to get efficiency this fall is new windows for your home. If your windows are old and beat up, they are leaking air and you need to have new windows installed if you want to get the efficient home you need for your family. There are lots of upgrades to new windows that you can enjoy to shore up the home. You will get tons of efficiency, lower bills, further comfort, and so much more when you get those windows installed.


Replacement windows in Roseville, CA are a great way to instill efficiency in your home this fall. Contact California Craftsman for a free consultation to get details.