Fixing House Issues With Replacement Windows


While replacement windows in Rocklin, CA can feel like they magically transform your house, they can’t be responsible for fixing absolutely everything wrong with your house. If your dishwasher isn’t working, replacing the windows isn’t going to do anything at all for that issue. But there are many house issues that new windows can fix. Here are a few to look forward to as you go through this process.

Replacement Windows Fix Curb Appeal

Face it, your old saggy, worn windows weren’t doing your home any favors. Especially when it came to the curb appeal of the house. You want your home to have a new, fresh, appealing look and with new windows, that’s what you get. The home has a beautiful appearance from the outside with a whole new level of appeal from the curb. Friends who visit, neighbors who come by, and even judgmental family members will appreciate the new look on your house. Curb appeal issues? Fixed.

Replacement Windows Undo Functionality Issues

Older windows might have gotten painted shut at some point. Perhaps they were hard to open or slammed shut on their own. When you get new windows, any and all of those functionality issues go out the, well, window. Windows open and close with ease, as they should, and you can let fresh air in at will. You also have the windows as an easy emergency exit, if you ever need it, which increases the safety of your family. Functionality issues? Fixed.

Replacement Windows Alleviate Air Leaks

Older windows are notorious for letting air in and out of the house, leading to huge energy leaks in the home. When you let air flow out the window on a daily basis, your HVAC has to work harder and your energy bills go higher. When you get new windows, the house is sealed up and your air leaks are gone. You don’t feel drafts, you don’t waste energy, and your energy bills are nice and low, where they below. Air leaks around the windows? Fixed.

Replacement Windows Can Fix Lighting Issues

There are certain rooms of the house that might constantly feel too dark. You can paint a lighter color on the walls and add some floor lamps, but to make the biggest change, replacement windows can help by letting in more light. Any windows you get will have larger glass space and smaller frames to let in more light. And if you get a different style that lets in even more, you will have even better natural lighting. Lighting issues? Fixed.


These are just a few of the things that replacement windows in Rocklin, CA can fix within your home. It’s important not to expect too much of them. They can’t make the faded floor look new again, but they can stop it from fading more. The professionals at California Craftsman are here to help you understand everything new windows can do for your home, so you have the right expectations and just the right goals set up in your mind.