Getting Replacement Windows While On Vacation


Once you decide that you need replacement windows in Roseville, CA, it’s important to move ahead with the project and get them. But choosing the windows and putting some time and effort into that process is just part of it. Then, you have to get them installed. If you are going to take a trip over the holidays, or you have a vacation planned, you could get them installed while you are gone. Here are some things to think about, good and bad, that will help you decide if you want to do that.

Have Someone Let Installers In

If you are away, you’re going to have to have someone let the installers in when they arrive to do the job. That could be a neighbor, family member, or friend. That person probably won’t stick around for the day, unless you ask them to and that’s okay. For the most part, installers are okay on their own. But there absolutely has to be someone there to let them in.

What If Problems Arise?

While you don’t absolutely have to be on hand when the installers are in your house, it can be a good thing because if a problem comes about, you are there for them to consult so they can get the problem resolved and move on. If you aren’t going to be there, at least make sure you are accessible by phone so they can call you if something comes up. One problem they might see is if your windows are damaged and that damage has moved into the walls of your home.

Avoid The Noise And Mess

When you aren’t home, the noise of the installation won’t bother you at all. Plus, it can be a big messy and dusty and you won’t have to be around for that, either. Just make sure you take down the window coverings and pictures from the walls before you go and you can avoid the hassle of the noise and mess.

Return Home To New Windows—And Dust

It can be fun to drive up to your home, which looks like-new, after the windows have been installed and you’ve been away. The change can look a lot more drastic. However, keep in mind that while the installers are going to do their best to keep the mess minimal, there will be dust in your home. You might not like walking into your house after vacation only to find that you need to clean. You’ll need a vacation from your vacation!


While there are good sides and bad sides to getting replacement windows in Roseville, CA installed while you are away on vacation, it is often best to be home in case something happens and the installers need you. The professionals at California Craftsman are here to help you through the process in any way. We can help you choose windows that suit your home and budget and we can also help you figure out how the installation process will run.