Getting Rid Of Mold Before Replacement Windows


One of the ways you can tell that you need replacement windows in Truckee, CA is when your old windows start to grow mold. Not only is mold not something you want to look at, but it’s a huge health hazard. When you take old windows out, that doesn’t mean all of the mold is gone. It might be growing around the frames or even in the walls. You want to make sure you get rid of that mold, so it doesn’t start to grow again right away, or ever again. Here are a few steps to help you get the mold out of the way so your replacement windows can be everything you want them to be.

Older windows tend to leak air and that means they can leak water as well. When windows let water in and if you don’t see it or if it’s in a place that you can’t wipe up, mold can form rather quickly. That mold will only grow if you leave it alone. If you have pinpointed the moldy spots now, get dish soap, bleach, water, dry cloth, cleaning gloves, and a plastic scrubber. It’s also a good idea to have a protective face mask so you don’t take in any spores while you are cleaning. Mist the mold with a spray bottle before you start to scrap them off. Then, mix soap and water and put it on the moldy areas to loosen it. You can get it free with the scrub brush. After you can’t see any more mold, put some bleach water on the area and let it sit for half an hour and then rinse the area with water. Make sure the region is allowed to thoroughly dry before you do anything else to it or mold could grow again.

Once you have new windows, you won’t have water and air leaking into your home. But you will still want to prevent mold from growing in the future. Keep an eye on your windows as they age. It will be quite some time, even decades, before you notice any issues. But if you see condensation between the window seals, mold could grow. Any leaks could also cause the dangerous molds to start growing.

When you notice mold in or around your windows, it’s time to get replacement windows in Truckee, CA so you can seal up the home, prevent more mold growth, and properly clean up anything that has started growing. If you are ready for the process, contact the professionals at California Craftsman by calling (530) 887-1857. We’re here to help you with window advice of any kind. We want your home to be energy efficient, but also safe. Mold growth is certainly not safe. Stop by and see windows to brainstorm with our experts and talk through some specifics of the project. Our showroom is located at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602 and we have employees who can show you around and teach you to read ratings labels.