Great Comfort And Great Lighting With Window Replacement


Replacement windows in Truckee, CA are a treat for any homeowner. They come with so many benefits that it’s hard to list them all. Once you have new windows installed onto your home, it might be hard for you to recognize how you lived with the old windows for as long as you did. There’s so much comfort and so much beautiful, natural light that comes from the new windows. How is that the case? And how can you enjoy the highest of each? Here are a few elements to consider.

No matter what windows you get in any style, you will likely get more natural light into your home than you did before. Newer windows have lots of technology included and they have smaller frames and more glass space than older windows. So you will have more lighting capabilities even if you get the same window styles you had before. If lighting is important to you, however, you can pay closer attention to window style and get things that enhance the amount of light you can let in.

Just like lighting, you will automatically get more comfort from new windows because they will seal up the air leaks and allow you to keep those drafts out. Eliminating air drafts makes comfort higher and you will have better energy efficiency as well. You can get that from any new window, but there are some windows that are going to be better for that than others. You can also add upgrades to increase comfort.

While any window will help in both areas, you might be concerned that too much natural light is going to bring in too much heat, which will take away from some of the comfort you gained. You can easily combat that by adding low-E coatings to the glass. This thin, metallic coating is invisible, so it doesn’t change your view, but it blocks the heat of the sun while letting the light through. You get the same amount of natural light, but none of the heat and no UV rays, either so things won’t fade inside your home. That coating helps save the comfort of your home while allowing natural light to come through, so you don’t have to sacrifice that, either.


Replacement windows in Truckee, CA can do a lot for your home. The house will look better from the curb, for example, and that aesthetic will translate through to the interior of the home as well. You can also expect great comfort and great lighting increases. You can concentrate on any trait you want to enhance it and make it even better within your home. Most people focus on energy efficiency so they can save money on their energy bills. This concentration also enhances comfort and allows you a higher value in your home. The professionals at California Craftsman will help you pull the details together so you can get everything you want from the project on the windows are installed.