High Replacement Windows - Covering Options


You might know just what you want for your replacement windows in Rocklin, CA, for the most part, but it can be hard to figure out what to get on those higher windows within the home. Once you have the windows done, you might want to get coverings that can help you to get the results you want for the overall project. The professionals can give you advice and there are plenty of options to consider. Here are a few things to think about for higher replacement windows when you want to cover them with something.

Consider Motorized Options

Motorized window coverings are becoming more popular today and they are a great option for high windows. If you want coverings that are operational, you would either have to get out a stool and open and close them all of the time, or, you can get motorized window coverings and open and close the with the touch of a button, or even with an app on your phone. Some smart coverings, you can even schedule to open and close at a certain time. If you want to be able to open and close coverings regularly, motorized options are often the way to go.

Get A Light Filtering Cover

Higher windows might be there to bring more light into your home. If that is the case, you don’t want to completely cover them up and never move those coverings. You might, instead, want to put something on the windows that will filter the light. That will help the light come in, but for you not to get something so bright and intense. You can get more light, but not heat that might come along with it.

Get A Permanent Cover

If your window is more for exterior looks and you don’t want to open it or even use it for lighting, you can put something over it on a more permanent basis. You might put shutters over it to give the space a sense of style, for example. If you never want to open them, you don’t have to worry about doing so.

Dress It For Style

Your higher windows might be there for style and appearance reasons and if that’s the case, you might want to simply dress it in a stylish manner. You could put curtains over it and bring some color and texture into the room. You might add a valance to it, or shades that have a pattern to them. If functionality isn’t a concern, dress it just for style instead.


When you are getting replacement windows in Rocklin, CA for your home, it’s a good chance to make other changes to the house. You can change things within the windows, but you can also change things, like the window coverings. Think about each room of the house, but especially take a look at those high windows and consider what you might want to do for the coverings in that area so you can get the results you want from the process.