Home Prep For Window Replacement Installation


You should take your time when you are looking into the details on replacement windows in Rocklin, CA for your home. All of the details have to come together to make something that will be on your home for decades. Once the windows are installed, you don’t want to regret those decisions so it is wise to be absolutely sure about every element before you move forward. After you have the windows ordered, just how you want them, the last step is the installation. While the professionals will do that work for you, there are things you are going to want to do to prepare your home for that process. Here are a few things to anticipate.

Follow The List From The Installer

Talk to the installer before they arrive so you can get a list of things they need you to do. Some installers might have different requirements than others so it’s a good idea to get a list directly from the installer instead of online so you know what needs to be done. In general, they will need similar things, but some might have some extras that will be helpful as well.

Take Fragile Items Down/Away

You may have a statue collection, framed pictures, and other things that you don’t want broken. The installers will be very careful about the items in your house, but putting in new windows, and taking out the old ones, is not a clean job. The walls will shake and things in the home can shift. It’s best to take your fragile items down and move them away from the windows so you can ensure their safety.

Take Down Window Coverings

Window coverings are meant to go over the windows and when you are trying to replace them, they are going to be in the way. You will have to take them down from the windows and place them in another area. You can put them up after the installation takes place, or you can get new ones installed to go along with the windows you got. They have to come down, either way.

Clear Paths

You may have furniture in front of the windows, or between them and the doorway. There could be shoes on the floor and rugs in the way. Clear the paths from the door to the windows so the installers can easily get to them without any hazards.

Power Access

Installers might also have tools they have to plug in, so you should clear away paths to outlets that they can use or put out extension cords so they can get their tools plugged in and ready to operate without any trouble.


Make A Plan For Pets

Installing replacement windows in Rocklin, CA is a noisy, dusty job. You might want to make another plan for your pets during the installation day so they aren’t too scared. If they have to be home, put them in an interior room without windows so they feel more secure. Otherwise, have a friend take them for the day.