Is Triple Pane Glass Beneficial On Replacement Windows?


In one word—yes. Triple pane replacement windows in Roseville, CA are beneficial to homeowners, and in many different ways. That doesn’t mean you have to have them, especially since they are an upgrade and they do cost more. Keep in mind that standard replacement windows come with double pane glass, which is also much better than single pane and nicer than old windows with double pane as well. But if you are thinking about certain upgrades, it’s important to consider triple pane because it’s beneficial in a variety of ways. Here are a few to consider.

Noise Reduction

If you live on a busy street, you might hear quite a bit of noise in your home. When you put triple pane glass onto your new windows, you can cut the noise down 25-30 percent more than you would with double pane glass. That leads to quite a bit more peace and quiet in your home. This is a huge benefit to those who live in a noisy area and don’t want to be disturbed.

Energy Efficiency

Single pane glass lets air flow freely from inside to out and outside to in. It doesn’t really help your house with insulation. And since your biggest weakness in air leakage is the windows, that can be a big problem. If, instead, you have double pane glass, you have an extra glass pane as well as a space between the panes. With triple pane glass, you get a third pane and a second space between panes. You can see how that would be much more efficient. The air flow slows down with double pane and completely stops with triple pane, giving you a huge performance level when you have triple pane glass in place.

Higher Comfort

The higher comfort levels will tie into the energy efficiency of the windows, which could be directly related to the triple panes. When the temperature of your home is even because of their windows, you are more comfortable. You don’t have to worry about certain rooms being hot and others cold. And your temperature stays even in every room of the house at once. That comfort is hard to put a price on.

Lower Bills

This is also tied to energy efficiency, but it’s something you’ll appreciate a great deal. Since triple pane glass increases efficiency, you will see lower energy bills, which in turn will help you pay yourself back for the extra you spent on the third pane of glass.


There are plenty of benefits to any upgrade you might consider for replacement windows in Roseville, CA, including triple pane glass. When you are looking into the advantages of all of the upgrades, contact the professionals at California Craftsman. We will help you understand what each upgrade does, what it costs, and how it could benefit your home. We will also help you decide which upgrades will help you to meet your overall goals, so you don’t end up with something you don’t really need.