Making Replacement Windows Stand Out


Many homeowners who get replacement windows in Auburn, CA simply want new windows to replace their old, worn out windows. But there are also those who want to make a real splash with the project. While any replacement window is going to stand out as new and fresh, you can make even more out of the process in a number of ways. Here are some things to do to make your replacement window investment stand out in your home.

Consider New Window Treatments

It might be hard to get replacement windows installed and then place the old, worn out window treatments over them. Instead, consider new treatments as a part of the investment. You can get something new and fresh that frames the windows and shows them off even more. Perhaps invest in window shutters that can be completely opened so the windows show really well when you want natural light. Or you can get sheers, shades, or anything else that works in your home.

Consider Color With Care

While there are a lot of important aspects to getting new windows, the color you place on the windows will matter quite a bit to how much they stand out. You want something that looks fresh and great against your home. Some people go with white, which is the most popular color, because it goes with everything, both now and in the future. But black is also very popular because of the contrast it offers to lighter colors. Those aren’t the only options, of course. You could get a tan color to match your home so the windows blend in and give the home a seamless appeal. Or you can get a darker or lighter color in the same shade as your house for a cohesive, yet contrasting look. The windows will stand out a lot more if you get the right color.

Energy Efficiency Matters

While energy efficiency isn’t something you can see with the naked eye, it has a way of making your home stand out in many ways. If you ever sell the home, for example, you know that energy efficient windows will stand out to any buyers a great deal. But even if you stay put, the windows will stand out for keeping your home comfortable for your family and for lowering your energy bills to a nice, reasonable level and keeping them there.

These are just a few ways in which replacement windows in Auburn, CA can really stand out once they are installed. If you have old enough windows, even standard replacements are going to make a big difference. Work with the professionals at California Craftsman to get the right upgrades for your home’s needs. We keep your budget in mind at all times so if you have a number you want to meet, tell us upfront and we’ll work around it with ease. Call us at (530) 887-1857 to set up a free consultation or come wader our showroom for details at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602.