Marrying Your Replacement Windows


If you have kids in your life, there may have been a time when you said you loved something. IT could be your dinner, a certain color, an outfit, or anything else. Some kids will jump on the word ‘love’ and say something like, ‘why don’t you marry it then?’ It’s a sarcastic comment that they think is funny, right? When you get replacement windows in Loomis, CA, there are going to be so many things you love about the results that the kids might tell you to marry those windows time and time again. Getting new windows is a small bit like a marriage. You are definitely committing to something long-term. But with careful consideration, you can take all of the good and get none of the bad with the process. Here are a few things you will likely love about this window replacement ‘marriage.’

Energy Efficiency Like Never Before

Your home might have leaked air and had temperature fluctuations like crazy. No matter how much you played with the thermostat, things just were never comfortable in the home. That’s not what you want for your house. When you get new windows, even standard windows are going to balance out the efficiency issues in your home. You’ll have a regular temperature that holds at all times and the air drafts will disappear. That energy efficiency leads to a comfort you’ve always wanted in your home and perhaps never known you were missing. If you did know it was missing, it will mean even more to you to have it.

Lower Bills Each Month

You might have dreaded getting your energy bills before but now, it’s almost interesting to get them in the mail. You get to see just how much you are saving. The first bill will be lower, but perhaps you got the windows installed in the middle of a cycle so the second bill will be even lower yet. And those prices will remain steady as the months go by. Anyone would love paying less and saving more. You can spend money on so many other things now.

A Fresh-Looking Home

You might say that appearance doesn’t matter, but when it comes to your home, it really does. You want the place to at least look nice and well kept. With new windows installed, it’ll have a fresh new look that can bring it up to date and give it more style and a great curb appeal. That appearance transfers to the interior of the home as well and you have a great revived look there, too.


When you are looking into replacement windows in Loomis, CA, it’s important to think of it like a marriage, in some ways. You are going to be with these new windows for a lot of years and you want to be happy with every aspect of them. The professionals at California Craftsman are here to help you figure out just what your home needs. If your kids tell you to marry your new windows because you love them so much, you can say that you did.