New Windows (are What We’re All About)

Someone, somewhere once coined the phrase “Newer is better.” Well duh. Of course “newer is better” rings true most of the time. But sometimes you go “new” and then you realize you were better off sticking with what you had. That train-of-thought may support your thinking when it comes to vacuum cleaners, wedding rings and lawnmowers, but new windows for your Penryn, CA home really are better than what you currently have in your living room and here’s why.

A Better Fit

New windows really frame your home upgrade with better insulation, air sealing, and new siding-soffit-fascia as well. It's the best practice if it’s what your home needs and you can afford to do it right. I suggest saving up to do it right, even if you need to live with a deteriorating product a little longer. It's better for your home in the long run and better for our nation's housing stock as well!

Sash-bone Connected to the Jam-bone

A "replacement" window for your Penryn, CA home is really designed for a home where the window sashes and jambliners are held in place by strips of wood called removable stops. When you remove the interior stop or cut out the exterior stop (to be replaced by a new piece of wood), you are able to remove the sashes and jambliner and slip in a "pocket" replacement window (vinyl, fiberglass or wood) and screw it in through the jamb.

The better option is to remove the entire window down to the studs and replace it with a new full-frame window. No loss in visible glass, the ability to insulate around the frame of the new window, and you get a better peek at the framing of the studs around the window. It also requires new interior trim, but that is also an advantage.

Easy Entry

When installing your Penryn, CA windows, the existing window frame remains and the replacement window is installed inside the existing frame. This causes the glass area to shrink slightly to accommodate the new window. When installing a "new construction window", the entire window unit including sash and frame is removed down to the rough opening and the complete assembly is replaced which includes a nailing flange which has to be secured to the exterior wall.

Come on…Go New

Installing new construction windows is a much more complex project since the siding on the exterior has to be removed in order to secure the nail flange to the wall. Most consumers go with the replacement window do to the ease and cost of installation as compared to the new construction window option.

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