No Guilt Replacement Windows


Perhaps when you ate a second helping of chocolate cake the other day, you felt a little guilt over it later. There are some things you do in life that don’t make you feel the best. But when you get replacement windows in Roseville, CA, there are ways to avoid that guilty feeling. The last thing you want to do is make a big investment, only to feel bad about it later. Here are some things that will make you feel good about the choices you made instead of guilty.

You’re Helping The Environment

You recycle and you turn lights off when you leave the room to help the environment, but there are bigger things you can do, too, and you know it. One rather large thing you can do is get replacement windows. Once those windows are installed, your home is much more energy efficient than it was before. You are saving energy instead of wasting it. Your HVAC isn’t working as hard and, as evidence of that, your energy bills are lower. You know you are helping the environment in a much bigger way than before and that will make you feel great.

You’re Paying Yourself Back

It’s possible that you are leery of spending a lot of money on replacement windows because you like to keep a good chunk in savings, or you really wanted to spend that money on something else. But the best news is that just because you spent the money, doesn’t mean you won’t see it again later. When your energy bills start coming in way lower, you’ll have saved the excess you usually spent on those before. And that will happen monthly. You can use that savings to pay yourself back. You can also pay yourself back through repairs or maintenance you don’t have to spend on. And, someday, when you move, the home will be worth more which can pay you back the rest of the way. You shouldn’t feel guilty about spending money on an investment that pays you back so quickly.

Your Home Looks Fabulous

You will want to be extra careful about the aesthetics in your home so you can make sure your home looks nothing but fabulous after the window installation. With the right style and color, your new windows will make the home have a fresh curb appeal that blows the old look out of the water. There’s no reason to feel guilty about making your home look that much better.


You might feel guilty about certain things you do in your life, but there’s really no reason to feel that way about replacement windows in Roseville, CA when you have them installed. If you are still hesitant about the process, talk to the professionals at California Craftsman and we can help you figure out what you want to do and how you can go about it so you are confident about the process and the results you stand to get from the other side of the process.