Not “Just a Window”

If you break it down you will realize that you have more windows in your Penryn, CA home than you realize. It’s one of those things: you look through your windows and open and close them and after awhile you don’t even give them a second thought. But the truth is, they are not “just windows.” The windows in your home add style and décor and make a typical room into something more than just four walls. Which is why you should consider the shelf-life of the windows in your home. At some point, kinda like your automobile, you have to weigh the benefits of a replacement.

Your windows are the same way. Getting replacement windows will positively impact the longevity of your home. But you have to know what to look for.

Location, Location, Location

Every home owner has different priorities. When it comes to windows, what are yours? Maintenance? Comfort? More ventilation or less noise? Whatever it is, the team at California Craftsman has you covered.

Speaking of which, if easier maintenance is a concern then consider the windows on the upper floors of your home because obviously homes with more than one story can pose a problem in terms of cleaning. And those chores get tougher with age. Fortunately vinyl replacement windows are virtually maintenance free. That said, windows with panes that you can tilt in allow you to clean your windows as often as you like.

On the other hand if it is comfort you’re after, then replace windows in rooms that get too much direct sunlight throughout the year. Even if you don’t think energy-efficiency and lowering your utility bills is enough of a reason to spend the money to replace every window in the house, sometimes extra hot rooms make life miserable. Focus on that side of the house or those specific rooms, and get the most energy-efficient windows to combat the California heat.

Just Like Sunscreen

If UV protection isn’t a concern then it should be. The sun can damage you and your furnishings even though they are indoors. Consider replacing windows on the side of your home that gets the most sunlight. Replacement windows with low-e coatings can reduce UV rays that cause your furnishings to fade.

When it comes to your Penryn, CA replacement windows, the bottom line is to choose replacement windows that provide features to address your needs. At the same time, don’t lose sight of improving energy efficiency. Vinyl replacement windows can improve the year-round energy-efficiency of your home all year long thanks to easy maintenance and sturdy construction that keeps the hot and cold air where it needs to be.

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