Old Window Replacement


Getting replacement windows in Rocklin, CA might seem overwhelming or even intimidating. You’ve lived with your old windows for a long time. Perhaps even decades! IT’s hard to think of getting rid of them because they’ve always been there. But when they aren’t working right any longer, it’s important to do so. There are lots of warning signs that will tell you the time has come. And when you get rid of those old windows, other things can arise that you need to be prepared for. Here are a few to consider:

Structure Damage

Depending on just how old your windows were when you finally decided to replace them, and depending on how long you waited for the project, there might be other structure damage that needs to be addressed before new windows can go in. This is something the window professionals may not be able to assess until the old windows come out. If, for example, the old windows are rotting, or have started to warp, there might be problems with the support boards around the windows that needs to be fixed before the window project can continue. Keep that in mind as you budget things. Don’t spend the whole budget on the project upfront and you might have enough left over to address these issues, if they arise.

Mold Issues

If you see mold on the outsides of your windows, there could be more, hiding in an even darker, damper place. When representatives find mold in your walls after the windows come out, that needs to be cleaned up and addressed before the new windows go in. Cleaning off mold can be hard, but it’s very important to your health. If the mold isn’t cleared out, it can re-grow under new windows and that’s not what you want.

Unique Sizes

Older windows might be in a different size form the standard sizes today. In order to get new windows, you may have to expand the window holes in order to get the size to be right. That will cost extra than just taking out old windows and putting in new ones. Of course, you can custom order any size you’d like, but that costs more as well, and you might want the windows to be larger to address lighting and ventilation needs inside as it is.


There are lots of things that can arise when you get replacement windows in Rocklin, CA to take the place of older windows in your home. The professionals at California Craftsman are here to help you with every part of the process. If you’d like to ask questions about what can go wrong, we’re here to help. But it’s best to set up a free consultation so we can see your home and what you have to work with before we make any assumptions. We’d love to work with your specific goals, preferences, and even your budget. We want your home to be in the best possible condition and that might mean getting new windows for your house.