Problems Replacement Windows Can’t Address


When you get replacement windows in Roseville, CA, they are going to make vast improvements to your home, reduce your energy bills, raise your curb appeal, and do lots of other lovely things. But they can’t take over the entire home improvement docket and fix absolutely everything. While they may make improvements in some areas, there are some problems they just can’t address. Here are a few to consider so you aren’t expecting complete miracles.

Problem: The Kitchen Doesn’t Function Well

If you don’t have enough storage and your kitchen has too many people in it most of the time, there just isn’t much replacement windows can do for you. They can make the space look larger and more welcoming by letting in more light. But they won’t give you extra cabinets, new countertops, or more space.

Problem: The Home’s Complete Energy Efficiency

While replacement windows are going to help the energy efficiency of your home by leaps and bounds, they can’t completely fix everything in the house if there are other issues. Windows and doors are the most vulnerable place in the house for air leaks. IF you fix the windows, those will be sealed up tight and you’ll have a great reduction in your energy bills. But the doors might still leak. Your appliances might be old and inefficient. Your attic might not have the right amount of insulation and so on. There could be other issues the windows can’t fix.

Problem: The Bathroom Is Outdated

Putting a skylight or window into the bathroom can make the space look natural, well-lit, and larger. But if you have orange counter tops and green floors, the space is still going to look outdated. Putting windows in could help and start the updating process, but it’s not going to completely win the room over when there are other things that will have to be changed as well.

Problem: Faded Siding

If your windows and siding are around the same age, chances are they both need replacement once they start to fade. Getting new windows will enhance the curb appeal of the home and perhaps draw the eye away from the siding, but the new windows aren’t going to fix the fact that the siding is well worn. You might have to paint or even replace the siding to give your home the best look possible to go with the new windows.


There are lots of issues that replacement windows in Roseville, CA completely fix or, at least contribute to fixing. There are some things they make better, but they just can’t do it all. While new windows are going to improve your house in a myriad of ways, you shouldn’t expect them to take over and fix every little thing that might be wrong with your home. If you want to understand more about what they will and won’t do, the professionals at California Craftsman are here to help. Give us a call for a free consultation and ask whatever you want about what happens to your home after installation.