Reasons To Add Windows To The Kitchen


Your windows are old and worn out and you know it. In fact, you’re ready for replacement windows in Auburn, CA. You might know what material you want, what style you appreciate, and even what color goes best with your home. But don’t leave out the idea that you could change things or even add windows while you are working on the project. Consider your kitchen, for example. Does it have any windows at all? Does it have enough? Here are a few reasons you might appreciate more windows in the kitchen:

Reason 1: Natural Light

There’s something special about natural light that artificial lighting just can’t beat. When you have natural lighting, things look different, you feel better, and the room looks larger and more welcoming. That’s especially good for the kitchen, which is often known as the heart of the home. When you let in more natural light, the room looks better and you don’t have to use as many overhead lights while you work. It’s one room of the house that usually can’t get enough light.

Reason 2: Ventilation

Not that you ever have any mishaps in the kitchen, but it sure is nice to have windows nearby to air things out if someone else does, right? That burned smell just isn’t doing anyone any good. Even if things always go smoothly in the kitchen, there’s steam and other items that can heat things up quickly and it’s nice to get fresh air flowing through the room on a nice day.

Reason 3: Views

You might feel like you spend way more of your time in the kitchen and perhaps the laundry room than anywhere else during your day. If you want to see what’s going on outside, it’s nice to have a window in the kitchen, perhaps over the sink, so you can look outside while you work. It’s nice to see the birds fly by, the kids play outside, and the sunset at night.

Reason 4: Raised Home Value

Putting a window or two into the kitchen can actually raise the value of your home. Eventually, when you sell down the road, your home will be worth more because of the windows you installed. Plus, your home will probably sell faster because the kitchen will look more appealing with the natural light streaming in.

When you’re ready for replacement windows in Auburn, CA, you can change anything you want from what you have now. Many people go from old wood windows to vinyl models, for example, and some change the style or the color as well. You get to pick everything down to the hardware and beyond. It’s also a good chance to change things and add windows, if you want to do so. The kitchen is a prime spot in any home and if you want windows there, call the pros at California Craftsman for advice at (530) 887-1857. You can also visit us at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602 for details on the process.