Replacement Windows As A Last Resort

We get it! Replacement windows in Auburn, CA are a large investment for a homeowner to make. While you might not want to put the time and effort into searching through the options to find the right fit, sometimes it’s what you have to do. If you are having trouble with your current windows, in whatever way trouble might arise, think about replacement windows—at least as the last resort. Here are a few other options you might try before you get that far.


New Caulking Or Weather Stripping

If your old windows are leaking air like crazy, something you can do to at least slow down the flow for now is to take the caulk off the frames and put new caulk in its place. If the old caulk is dry, brittle, and cracking, it could very well be at least part of the problem. You could see a little relief from this. Weather stripping can act in much the same manner. Air might get into your home in other ways, but this can at least slow things down a bit.

Window Repairs

There might be an issue with a particular window that needs some repairs. It can be hard to find window parts for older windows at times, but if you can find them and they can be easily installed, it could be worth your effort to get more comfort for your home and more mileage out of your current windows.

Plastic Over Windows

During the colder months, to keep that chill out when you know you won’t want to open the windows anyway, you can cover them with plastic outside to give your home extra insulation against the colder winter air. That can help you get by a bit longer and keep your efficiency up even a little way.

Suggestions From Pros

If you aren’t sure what’s wrong with your windows, or what to do about it even if you do know what’s up, contact professionals for help. You can have a window company come to your house for free and give you a window consultation and assessment. If you choose reputable professionals, they’ll offer sage advice. It might be that your windows are simply too worn out and nothing you do will get you very far. Permanent relief could mean replacement windows. But at least you will know for sure that it’s your only resort before you move ahead.

It’s sometimes hard to grasp that you need to take on a project like replacement windows in Auburn, CA, but if you’ve tried everything else and it’s the last resort, it’s best to move forward and get the work done. Your home will be much more comfortable and your energy bills will start to pay you back for the investment right away. Call the professionals at California Craftsman for a free consultation and advice at (530) 887-1857. We won’t tell you to get new windows unless we really feel it’s for the best. Visit our showroom at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602.