Replacement Windows For The Garage


If you’ve gotten replacement windows in Roseville, CA on your home in the past, you may not have gone all the way out to the garage. Perhaps now you are thinking about the windows in that area—and you should. The garage is an important part of the home and while you don’t necessarily need the same things, you will want to look into windows that work for that space. Here are some of the issues you might have around your garage that you will think about as you get new windows for that part of your home.


If you have windows in your garage, it can become a security issue if the windows are failing. You might keep expensive tools in there, bikes, boxes of family items, and other such things along with your vehicles. You need those things to be safe. If anyone could easily get through the window, the only thing stopping them is their own conscious. You need to have windows installed that are hard to break and impossible to open from the outside.

Gain Comfort

If you work on projects in the garage quite often, perhaps you want it to be more comfortable. You might be able to achieve that with some new windows that keep the air inside. When you run a fan, you can open the window and circulate air better. Maybe you even have a heater you run in the winter or an air conditioner you start up in the summer when you’re in there for a while. You don’t want to waste that energy. New windows can help you keep the comfort in the garage without wasting it outside.

Appeal From The Curb

If your garage shoes from the front of your home, and most do, it’s important for it to look nice, along with the home. You want the windows to fit in with those on the house, even if they aren’t exactly the same in quality or style. Get something that matches the garage well and flows into the house. You can get appearance, efficiency, security, and everything else you need.

If you need new windows on your home, it’s important to go that direction first and leave the garage for later. Of course, you could do them all at once as well. But if you have to put the garage off till later, it’s probably the least important part of the project overall.


When the time comes to get replacement windows in Roseville, CA for you garage, however, the professionals at California Craftsman are here to help. We are experts in the field and we’re happy to come to your home to look at the house, the garage, or both. Give us a call for that free consultation or come to our showroom and take a look around. We’re here if you have any questions or you can just look around on your own to get ideas and details for now. It’s your house and your decision to make on every window.