Replacement Windows: Past And Present


The idea of replacement windows in Truckee, CA have been around almost as long as windows themselves. We’ve always known that windows don’t last forever and once they wear out, it’s best to replace them. But there are differences between the replacement windows of the past and those we have on the market today. Here are a few to consider:

Style Choices

In the past, you would generally replace the windows you have with the same windows again. There weren’t many style options and you didn’t want to mix things up very much. Today, though, there are nearly endless style choices available. You can put a different style in the same slot, or you can make the hole larger or smaller to help you figure out the best option for your home.

Upgrade Options

In the past, replacement windows were all the same. They were single pane and while they didn’t leak as much as the old windows they were replacing, they still weren’t great. But today, there are so many upgrade options that you can take old windows and make a huge leap in energy efficiency. Double pane glass is standard now and you can even upgrade further to triple pane. You can also get inert gas fillings between the panes as another upgrade to give you further insulation. And one of the hugest upgrades is low-E coatings on the glass, which blocks heat, but lets light through. These are all options that can be added to replacement windows and they can all help with efficiency and insulation. You have the option to add them, if you have the money to do so or want to for your home’s goals.


In the past, when vinyl windows first came on the scene, they were white and that was it. Today, you can get so many other choices, anyone can find what they want. Black is a popular color on today’s market, for example, and you can get a color that matches or contrasts your house color. This wasn’t an option in the window market in the past, but today, you can have what you want for your in color and style. There are also a lot more hardware options today than there were in the past.

If you want replacement windows in Truckee, CA, you’re in a lot better shape today than you were in past years. You want to figure out what of the options that you have available to you today are best for you. There are so many choices that anyone can find what they want and need for their home. The professionals at California Craftsman are here to help you with every detail. You can visit with us in person at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602 and walk around our showroom, see what you appreciate, and get started on details. You can also call us at (530) 887-1857 and let us set you up with a free consultation. We’re here to help you get through the project.