Should You Add A Bay Window?


Bay windows are beautiful and can add architectural interest as well as space and light to any home. If you are considering replacement windows, it’s a good time to look into all the options and get what you really want for your home. If bay windows are on your list of things to consider, here are a few reasons why you might want to put them on the “definitely, yes” side of the list.

They Look Phenomenal

Bay replacement windows add visual interest to your home both inside or out. Outside, your house has a new visual appeal and inside, you have more space. You could add a window seat or a nook for statues. You could even add additional floor space to the room. There’s more dimension to a room with a bay window and there’s more to see outside as well.

They Bring In More Light

If you have three regular windows, flat across the wall, they might bring in quite a bit of natural light. But you compare those to three windows that jut out at an angle, of course the second choice will bring in more light. Bay windows are able to catch the light at different angles, perhaps as the sun goes down or rises. You’ll feel like your room is more open and welcoming because of the light. And it will also be more open because of the extra space.

They Increase Home Value

Quality Replacement Windows in general are going to raise the value of your home. But bay windows will raise the value even more so. They are an attractive element that benefits you when you start the selling process, whether that’s soon or far down the road.

They Ventilate Well

You may not keep your windows open very often, but when you do, bay windows can really help. Because of how they are designed, they can bring cross-ventilation into the space and you can get casement windows for the side options to give you the best energy efficiency as well.

Ultimately, you get to decide whether or not bay windows are right for your home. If you have a good space for them, however, getting them while you are getting other replacement windows is a good idea. You’re already pulling windows out so it’s the perfect opportunity to make changes to your home. If you want a couple of bay windows in different areas of the home, go for it. Talk over the details and options with professionals before you make any firm decisions. You’re welcome to call California Craftsman at (530)887-1857 for advice or more ideas. You can also visit us with your questions in our showroom at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602. We can show you pictures and examples of bay windows we have done on other homes to give you an idea of how your project will turn out before we get started.

Bay Window Replacement Ideas

A bay window is a great way to add additional light to your home while also adding architectural interest to your space. The wide core window in a bay window provides an excellent view, while the side windows provide ventilation. Bay windows are made by putting three or more windows together and angling them beyond the house's wall. Bay windows let in more light and give you more space within your room because they have more windows. It has the ability to really open up a room. It lets in more natural light, expands the room, and is a beautiful focal point in your home. Although you can employ a professional to install a bay window in your home.