Should You Add To The Bathroom When Getting Window Replacement?


When your home needs Loomis, CA replacement windows, you have a huge opportunity at your feet. Not only are you going to get technologically advanced windows that are going to be energy efficient and put a new, fresh look on your home, but you also have the chance to make any changes you might want for your home. That might mean a different window style, a new color, adding windows, expanding windows, and so on. When you are working through the process, you might consider whether or not you would like to add a window to the bathroom. Here are a few reasons why you might want to do that.

Reason 1: The Bathroom Is Too Dark

While you can give your bathroom as much artificial lighting as possible, there’s nothing quite like natural light. If you want to see what you really look like once you walk outside your home, having natural light is a great idea. Adding a window will help you to get the light you need in the bathroom without having to add more lights that don’t help that much anyway.

Reason 2: You’d Like Ventilation Options

If the bathroom mirror is always getting fogged up from showers and you’d really like to be able to air things out, adding a window that you can open and close for ventilation is a great idea. You can add a window in the right location in the room and then have it fogged or etched so no one can see through. Another option is a sliding window high on the wall so you can open it and get fresh air, but no one can see in.

Reason 3: To Add Value

Rooms with windows have added value and the same is true for the bathroom. If you want to add value to your home in ways beyond just getting new windows, adding them into that space might be a good idea. You could consider a skylight to give you natural light without taking away any privacy, but there are other options that can work as well.

Reason 4: Enjoy The View

When you want to see what’s going on outside while you are getting ready, having a window is key. How will you know if it’s raining unless you look outside? Having a window can keep you connected to the outside world, even when you are getting ready. You can enjoy the sunrise, the clouds drifting by, and get a peek at the weather forecast for the day.


When you get replacement windows in Loomis, CA for your home, there’s a chance to make changes in any part of your house you want to change. Putting windows into the bathroom, for example, can be a huge benefit to your lighting, the ventilation options, and the views. Plus, you add value to an important space in your home. The professionals at California Craftsman are here to help you figure out what you’d like to meet your goals.