The Best Replacement Window Color Options

After you decide on a material for your Granite Bay, CA replacement windows, you’ll think about the upgrades you want, the style that works best, and the glass pack you need for efficiency. Once all that is behind you, it’s time to focus on color and other important details, like hardware. What color options are the best choices? That depends on your preferences and your home, but here are a few of the most popular choices:


The Classic White

White is the most popular color for replacement windows and it probably always will be. For a while, white was the only option for vinyl windows. That’s not the case today, but it still holds its own as the most popular on the market. White goes with anything and even if you paint your home later, the white windows will still look nice. White is also a fresh-looking color and will remain bright and airy throughout the years as well.

The Newly Popular Black

Black is a popular color in many worlds (everyone has a little black dress, right?) but for windows? Well, it’s become popular in recent years because of its high contrasting abilities. Black looks striking on light-colored homes and brings out the new windows, framing them and allowing them to stand out for all they’re worth. As long as the homeowner keeps the home a light color, black will likely work well for many years into the future as well.

Tans And Grays

Another popular option is to try and match your window colors to your home. If your home is tan or gray, you find a shade that is a close match and you install windows of that color. That way, the windows blend in, giving you a streamlined look. Some homeowners also find a tan or gray that is darker or lighter than their home’s color to give it a slight contrast in the same general color tone.

There’s no one right answer in terms of colors for new windows. Every homeowner has to evaluate their home and decide on their own preferences. When you are looking into colors, make sure you take samples to your home and hold them against your house in the natural lighting. Do this at several different times of the day so you know exactly what you are getting in the color you choose.

If you are ready for Granite Bay, CA replacement windows, it’s time to contact the professionals at California Craftsman to talk about the options. After you choose materials, styles, glass packs, and other elements, you’ll also want to go over color choices to make sure you’re happy with every aspect of the new windows once they are installed. If you want to see color samples, visit our showroom at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602. For those who have questions about the installation or replacement process, or if you just want to set up a consultation appointment, call (530) 887-1857. You can also get more information about us online at http://www.californiacraftsman.com/