The Renovation R’s

If you’ve been itching to take on a home renovation project, there’s never going to be a better time to get started. There are always going to be things in the way so you might just have to make time and put some effort into it and get it done. If you’re considering one certain project, (like replacement windows in Rocklin, CA) you’ll want to keep these renovation R’s in mind.



One of the biggest parts of renovation is taking old things out and putting in new ones. You might want to replace the windows, for example, to let in more natural light and get further energy efficiency. If your old windows aren’t doing their jobs anymore, replacements are the perfect start to any renovation problem. There are other things you might replace as well, like window treatments, hardware, throw pillows, and more. Start with the big projects, like replacement windows, and see what you need to do after that.


Sometimes, making a room look different after a renovation is as simple as moving the furniture around a little. After you change the living room, put the couch on the opposite wall from where it was before. Consider L-shapes of making the furniture ‘talk’ by facing things towards each other. Furniture volume sizes should be similar to make the space look right. Once you have an arrangement you might like, leave it and live with it for a while. You can always move things around again later.


Redecorating can work wonders for any project. It’s probably the last step in renovation, but it’s an important one. It includes doing things like painting the walls, hanging new fixtures, replacing hardware, and choosing artwork. When you redecorate in new colors and add new elements to a space, it can look like a whole new house.


This is what happens to your home when you renovate it and adore the results. You went into the project trying to make some aesthetic and functional changes and what results is something you absolutely love. You can’t imagine your home the old way any longer and, what’s more, you don’t want to. You’re ready to show your home off to guests and family members who want to come by and see it.

There are plenty of other things involved with home renovations, but many homeowners start the process off with replacement windows in Rocklin, CA. Since it takes a little demo, it’s a good place to start. It can also bring in more natural light and allow you fresh eyes to see what else needs to be done in the home. Sometimes, all you really needed was replacement windows. Other times, you have to take more steps to feel the house is complete. If you’re ready for this step, contact California Craftsman at (530) 887-1857 for more information. You can also help yourself see into the future by visiting our showroom at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602 to look over the options we carry.