The Replacement Windows That Take The Cake


While windows are an important part of any room, most of they are just kind of there. When you get replacement windows in Rocklin, CA, all of the windows will look nice and run efficiently. But you might want windows in certain rooms to really become a focal point. Here are a few windows that take the cake and really stand out as something special.

Bay And Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are probably the easiest to make a focal point. The extend out of a house and curve, giving you an interesting architectural feature both inside and out. You have more room inside and an intriguing look outside. Plus, you get more natural light, and you can see the view from different angles. These windows are really impressive all the way around and can bring an average around to something quite impressive.

Picture Windows

When you size a picture window just right and are able to place it in a room that needs more light and a better view, it can become the center of the room. You don’t have to have a bunch of artwork on that wall. Instead, the picture window can be the art. It brings in great lighting and gives you a great view. These windows work great in rooms that have a wonderful view outside, but keep in mind they don’t open or close. If you need ventilation in the room as well, you can pair them with other windows that do open to really make the room work well.

Garden Windows

Garden windows are unique windows that not just anyone has. Like bay and bow windows, they extend out of the house, but they are more box-like in shape. They have windows on the sides and top of the box to bring more light to whatever plants you might want to grow in the window. You can place herbs in little pots so you have them handy for when you want to use them in your cooking. Or, you can put some flowers in pots to brighten up the room and to give as gifts to friends when you want. Either way, the garden windows are unique and can really become something people notice and comment on when they visit.


If you are ready for replacement windows in Rocklin, CA, there are plenty of options to consider. When you have a certain room of the house that you want to really stand out, one of the above windows might be a good fit for you. Invite the professionals at California Craftsman over to your home for a free consultation. Show us the room you want to stand out and we can help you decide what types of windows would work best as a focal point in that space. We want to help you stay within your budget while getting what you want for every room of the house. We’re here to help you figure out what will work well for your goals.