The Unicorn OF Replacement Windows


Unicorns are majestic creatures that feel very rare. It might sound strange to think of your replacement windows in Roseville, CA, like a unicorn, but you do want them to be perfection in every way. You can find your unicorn in replacement windows by making sure certain things line up just right. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

The Windows Fit The Budget

The first thing that will make the windows feel perfect to you is the fact that they fit into your budget. You want windows that work well on your house in a variety of ways, but you also want windows you can afford. IF they are too much, they aren’t going to feel perfect anymore. No one wants to have to struggle to buy their windows. That might make the project feel more like a donkey—no offense to donkeys.

The Windows Are Highly Efficient

Most homeowners want their new windows to be as efficient as possible. Even standard windows are going to be more efficient than what you have on your house now. But there are upgrades to think over as well, if they fit into your budget. If you have super old, super leaky windows, even standard windows might feel like unicorns to you because they are going to be leaps and bounds above what you have now. If you want to raise efficiency further, you might not feel like you are getting everything you want without certain upgrades.

The Windows Fit Your Specific Home

This takes a lot of figuring. Of course you need the windows to be the right size and the professionals will take care of that aspect for you by measuring and ensuring that what you order is just the right fit. But you will also need to think about other things, like window style and window color. Beyond looks, the windows also have to fit your home’s efficiency needs. If you have a home in the full sun, your windows will be unicorns if you put low-E glass on them to block the heat of the sun, but let the light shine through. The specifics of your home need to be met and your goals should be possibly even exceeded in order to have the exact right windows for your home.


Unicorns and replacement windows in Roseville, CA aren’t usually things you would compare. You might feel like your spouse is a rare unicorn, perfect for you in every way. You also want your new windows to be perfect for your house and you can get those results with careful consideration and effort. The professionals at California Craftsman want nothing less than the results you dream of having for this project. We’re here to help you get them. We know windows inside and out and we’ll give you our expertise for the process so you have the confidence you need as you move forward. We can offer recommendations and advice as you move towards the new windows that will be like unicorns in your house.