Tips For Finding The Right Treatments For Replacement Windows


Once you get beautiful, new replacement windows in Auburn, CA, you might feel the need for a change in window treatments as well. If you want a new, fresh look on your home, new windows can fit the bill. But if you put old, worn out window treatments over the top of them, they may not look as new and fresh any longer. Here are some tips on finding new window treatments for your new windows.

Tip 1: Look At The Budget

If you budgeted for replacement windows, you will also want to budget for window treatments. Perhaps you didn’t use all of your replacement window budget and you can use the extra for new treatments. Or you might have more money put away for the second project. You’ll want to know how much you have to spend before you fall in love with something and then find out that you can’t really afford it. Having a budget in place can give you parameters and a good place to start.

Tip 2: Consider Functionality

One of the reasons you may have gotten new windows in the first place is so that you would have windows that would function well with your home. You don’t, then, want to get window coverings that will get rid of the functions of the windows. Think about the functions you want from the windows and then find window coverings that will give you those functions as well. If you want a lot of natural light, consider window shutters that only go on the bottom half of the windows. You can get light in through the top half and keep privacy and have lighting options on the bottom.

Tip 3: Remember Value

Getting new windows means that you are raising the value of your home a great deal. The last thing you want to do is detract from the new windows by hanging old window coverings. Instead, remember the value of the windows and get something high in quality to enhance them. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on something top of the line. You can get something high in quality that also fits into your affordability budget parameters.


These are a few tips to help you get window coverings that go along with the new, fresh look of your replacement windows in Auburn, CA. You can even enhance the energy efficiency of the windows through the right window treatments. First, the professionals at California Craftsman will help you find the perfect windows for your home and then you can look into window treatments that will make the windows even better than they are with old treatments. New windows are going to do a lot for your house. You have to take old window treatments down to get new windows installed. It makes sense to look into new window coverings at the same time since they are already down and out of the way if you are able to put the two projects together.