Top Replacement Windows For Ventilation


Fresh air is something everyone wants from time to time, especially on a nice day. While you want your home sealed up tight for energy efficiency purposes, that means there’s less ventilation. Replacement windows in Truckee, CA can not only give you the energy efficiency you want (complete with lower energy bills), but also the ventilation you crave. When you go through the process, keep these replacement window styles in mind for optimal levels of ventilation.

Casement Windows

If ventilation is a high priority, you can’t do any better than casement windows. These windows hinge to the side and swing out. Any time you open the window, the entire window opens from top to bottom with a hand crank. Not only is one of these windows great for ventilation, but if you place them right in your home, you could get a great deal of cross-ventilation going as well. You can even control how much air gets in by cracking the window open or cranking it open all the way. Plus, these windows are great for energy efficiency since they blow tighter against the house when they are closed.

Single Or Double Hung Windows

If you’re worried about casement windows hanging out over your walkway or patio, perhaps you’d rather have windows like single or double hung. These popular options slide up and down and don’t stick into or out of the house. They’re flush with the walls, so you can install them absolutely anywhere without worrying about them getting in the way. With single hung, your ventilation is limited to just the one sash that can open, but with double hung, you can open both and have fresh air come in one sash while stale air goes out the other.

Awning Windows

It’s nice to be able to let fresh air in when it’s raining, but you don’t want to get your interior wet, either. Awning windows are a perfect choice if you love the smell of a fresh rain. These windows operate like casement windows and crank out, but they hinge at the top, so they open out, but shield your home from the rain. These windows are smaller and often appear in basements, but they are good in other areas as well.

When ventilation is important, be sure to stress that every time you look at Truckee, CA replacement windows. You need to get just what you want when you make a big investment like this and the professionals at California Craftsman can help you do just that. Contact us at (530) 887-1857 and we’ll come to your home and see what your ventilation is like now and suggest ways you can improve it with new windows. The window style is very important, so we’ll go over the options with you and let you choose what suits your style and needs best. You can also take a look at choices in our showroom at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602.