Use That Windfall For Replacement Windows

You never know what life is going to bring your way and if it happens to bring a nice sum of money, don’t waste it. Whether a relative passed away and left you money, you got a bonus at work, you win a portion of the lottery, or you got a nice tax return, that’s a windfall worth investing in your home. Sure, you could blow the money on something more ‘fun,’ but it’s in your best interest to do something smart. When you get replacement windows in Auburn, CA, it’s certainly not a waste. In fact, you will save so much money that you will get the money you spent back in the months to follow. Here are a few ways you can invest the money into your home, including possibly replacement windows.


General Home Repairs

If you have lived in your house for a long time, chances are there are repairs that need to be done. You have been putting it off because, let’s face it, the costs add up. But now that you have some money to spend, it’s important to get those repairs in order so your home is in good condition for everyone who lives in it.

Replace Flooring

Old carpet can bring down the whole house, as can other faded and worn flooring. When you have the money on hand, replacing your old flooring with something new that lasts a long time is a good idea. You can put in hardwood flooring, tiles, marble, new carpet, or whatever you want to spend, depending on your needs.

Put It Towards The House

How much of your mortgage is left? What would putting the money toward the principal of your mortgage do to your monthly payments? Perhaps you can pay off the whole house and then just pay the property taxes yearly and be done with it. Remember what you paid monthly before. You can use that money to pay yourself back and take on other projects. It’s not a fun way to spend money, but it’s highly practical.

Add A Deck

For something more fun that also adds value to the home, add a deck or expand the one you have. Outdoor living is huge right now and when you add deck space, you add value to your home. Plus, your family will enjoy it as well.

Get Replacement Windows

For another practical use, consider replacement windows. New windows are going to give you further comfort and efficiency on your home as well as a nice, high home value. You get your money back so it’s never a waste to invest in this project.

These are a few ideas for your money if you find that you have a sudden windfall and you want to do something smart with the extra cash. Getting replacement windows in Auburn, CA is a big investment, but well worth it. Talk to the professionals at California Craftsman about the idea and we will help you through the steps from there.