Vinyl Windows Are Here To Stay

You know how some trends come and go? And you know how thankful you are for that (think avocado appliances). There are also trends that come to the market and then stick around for the long haul. Wood flooring, for one, is not something that is ever going to go out of style. Shag carpeting, however, is a trend that is better left in the past. When vinyl windows came onto the scene in Rocklin, CA and other areas in the 1970s, many people assumed they were a trend that would soon go away. However, those people were wrong. While they started out as an inexpensive way to replace windows, they have continued to grow in popularity and are now the best choice for replacement windows in Rocklin, CA. So why are vinyl windows here to stay? Here are just a few reasons!

Reason 1: They’re inexpensive, but not cheap
Manufacturers started making windows out of vinyl material because it was an easily accessible, inexpensive material to use. That cost savings was passed along to homeowners. However, just because the upfront costs were lower than other window materials did not mean homeowners were getting something cheap and low in quality. In fact, vinyl windows proved themselves over and over again. They were higher in quality than other materials or, at the very least, equal to them.

Reason 2: They last a long time
Vinyl windows are a long-lasting material that outlasts many other materials. Part of that is because you don’t have to maintain them so even if you do nothing, they will stand up against the test of time. The PVC material in the windows is also used in things like plumbing pipes. You know they can stand up against hot, cold, and water elements when you place them on the outside of your home. They are highly durable and long lasting.

Reason 3: They look fresh
Vinyl windows give your home a new, fresh, updated look. They not only change the curb appeal, but they can also revolutionize the interior of your home since they go both ways. Making your home look upgraded and updated is a trend that will never get old.

Reason 4: Vinyl Windows don’t require maintenance
Many homeowners love the fact that while they pay less for the windows, they also have to do less for them in the years to come. Vinyl windows don’t have to be painted. In fact, they can’t. So choose your color wisely and ensure that you love it because you won’t have to change it ever again. You can just wipe the windows down and they’re good to go. It’s wonderful to cross an item off the to-do list.

When you are looking for new windows, keep in mind that vinyl windows started out as a possible trend in the 70s, but have decided to stick around as the most popular option on the market today and into the future. Call California Craftsman at 530-887-1857 or visit us at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602.