Waiting On Replacement Windows Causes More Issues

When you see a project that needs to be addressed in your home, do you get right on it or put it off? There are some projects that can wait. Sure, the bedroom needs a new coat of paint, but the old paint isn’t really hurting anything. But when you need replacement windows in Penryn, CA, it’s really better to move forward with the project sooner rather than later. Here are some things that can go wrong if you wait:


You Get Another (Or Several) More Energy Bills

When you have old windows, one of the biggest things you will notice (literally) is the energy bill. Each month you get an energy bill, it seems to be higher. And the longer you wait to replace your old windows, the more of those bills you will get. You will be able to afford the windows even less the longer you wait because you have to put all of your money into those high bills.

Damage Could Worsen

If you have older windows that you know have seen better days, they could even be damaged. If they’re rotting, that’s only going to get worse. If they’re moldy, that’s only going to spread, If they’re warped, that isn’t going away on its own. Not only that, but the damage can spread into your home’s walls or structures as well if you let it sit long enough. The longer the windows sit, needing replacement, the more likely you are to have further costs to fix the damage around the windows before you are able to put new ones in.

Emergencies Could Happen

If your old windows don’t open and close properly, every day is a gamble. You don’t know when a fire will break out or when someone will need to escape the house through something other than the front door in the event of an emergency. The longer you wait, the more dangerous your house is for those who live in it. And the last thing you want is for your family to be in any danger. Putting new windows on the house will help you heave peace of mind that everyone has an exit if they were to ever need it.

It really doesn’t pay off to wait around when you need replacement windows in Penryn, CA. There are so many reasons to get new windows that you’ll want those benefits right away anyway. Financing can sometimes be a challenge, but when you see how much you’ll save on energy bills and how much your home’s value can raise, you’ll know it’s worth the investment now. Contact the professionals at California Craftsman by calling (530) 887-1857 for a free consultation. We can come to your house, inspect your old windows, and give you advice as to what would work best to reach your goals. When you’re ready to look at samples, visit our showroom at 4035 Grass Valley Hwy Ste G Auburn, CA 95602 and we can show you different ratings and other options.