What Replacement Window Should I Choose?


You might want to replace the windows in your mobile home for a number of reasons. For example, you might want to make your home look better from the outside, cut down on the noise you hear from the outside when you're inside, or change the way your windows open and close to let in more air and keep your home cool. If you're going to sell your house soon, you might even think about getting replacement windows in Loomis, CA, to make it more valuable. Read on to learn all you need to know about how to choose the perfect replacement windows for mobile homes.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows are one of the most likely choices for mobile homes due to its ability to provide excellent ventilation while maintaining great thermal efficiency and weather resistance when closed. Vertical sliding windows and horizontal sliding windows are available for mobile home sliding windows, so you may select whatever style you choose for each window in your house.

Aluminum windows

Aluminum's increased tensile strength makes aluminum-framed replacement windows for mobile homes a popular option. Aluminum mobile home windows are a cost-effective solution for mobile homes that provide enhanced window security and structural performance. Aluminum windows may also offer window AC support for mobile homes, which is great for older mobile homes that were not intended with the surrounding frame structure to support the weight of a window AC unit.


Single or double-hung windows

When purchasing sliding windows for your mobile home, you will need to decide whether you want single-hung or double-hung versions. This is just one of the many options available to you. The number of sashes that travel up and down is what differentiates single-hung windows from double-hung windows. One sash of a single-hung window is fixed in place, while the other, known as the sliding sash, may move vertically or horizontally. You have the ability to open double-hung windows to a greater degree than other types of windows since they have one fixed sash and two moveable sashes. This results in more ventilation and airflow. Single-hung sliding windows are the most frequent kind of mobile home replacement window. This is due to the fact that the normal window sizes for mobile homes are often on the smaller side.

Jalousie windows

It is no longer common practice to install jalousie-style replacement windows in Loomis, CA. It is made up of numerous slats, each of which may move vertically up and down in order to regulate airflow. These kinds of mobile home windows do not entirely seal, and as a result, your mobile home's energy bills will be much higher if you choose to install them. There are still mobile homes on the market with jalousie windows, but you'll find them almost exclusively in older houses, and even then, only in regions that have temperate winters and summers.